Review of Triathlon Science by Joe Friel

Leave ’em in your wake, leave ’em in your trail, leave ’em in your dust. Get your brain as fit as your body and achieve your triathlon potential.
“Triathlon Science” is packed with all the expertise you can handle, and more. From fine-tuning your physiology for each of the three disciplines to plotting the best race strategy for your fitness level, personal goals, and competitive conditions, you’ll find the insights and prescriptions typically available only from a top-level coach.

With editors Joe Friel and Jim Vance and a who’s-who list of international experts on the sport, “Triathlon Science “offers you an unprecedented wealth of advanced yet accessible information on excelling in the sport.

This was by far the most comprehensive multisport book I have ever read, and weighing in at 2.4 lbs, and over 1” thick, you can be sure it’s loaded with tons of valuable information. But don’t let the book’s size intimidate you- it’s broken down neatly into eleven chapters, with an appendix in the back that makes it very user friendly and easy to find the information you’re looking for. This is definitely the kind of book you would want to keep on hand for reference, considering the huge amount of ground it covers.

Just a brief sampling of some of the topics covered include physiological function in triathlon training, training base building for triathlons, multisport event specific training and racing tactics, sports medicine, nutrition, and psychology of multisport.

This book is literally jam-packed full of training charts and tables, stretching exercises with reference photos, as well as warm-up and cool-down, flexibility and core strength, and strength training ideas. There is also a large section on nutrition, explaining the importance of proteins and fats, vitamins, minerals, and water, as well as the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels, and a basic introduction to the glycemic index.

This book is an incredibly thorough and invaluable resource, and I fully recommend it if you are interested in multisport / triathlon racing.

Rating:  5 stars


My thanks to for hooking me up with a free copy of this book in exchange for a review!

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