Review of 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

As he is driving home from a minister’s conference, Baptist minister Don Piper collides with a semi-truck that crosses into his lane. He is pronounced dead at the scene. For the next 90 minutes, Piper experiences heaven where he is greeted by those who had influenced him spiritually. He hears beautiful music and feels true peace.

Back on earth, a passing minister who had also been at the conference is led to pray for Don even though he knows the man is dead. Piper miraculously comes back to life and the bliss of heaven is replaced by a long and painful recovery.
For years Piper kept his heavenly experience to himself. Finally, however, friends and family convinced him to share his remarkable story. Continue reading “Review of 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper”

Review of The Unfinished Garden by Barbara Claypole White

James Nealy is haunted by irrational fears and inescapable compulsions. A successful software developer, he’s thrown himself into a new goal; to finally conquer the noise in his mind. And he has a plan. He’ll confront his darkest fears and build something beautiful: a garden. When he meets Tilly Silverberg, he knows she holds the key; even if she doesn’t think so. Continue reading “Review of The Unfinished Garden by Barbara Claypole White”

Review of High Percentage Wellness Steps by Suneel Dhand

Modern medicine is all about treating illness and disease. But how about promoting wellness instead? Have you ever wondered if there are some simple and natural everyday lifestyle choices that can dramatically improve your health and well-being? Things your doctor should be telling you all the time, but doesn’t. Recommendations based on solid medical science. In High Percentage Wellness Steps, you will be shown some of these easy everyday steps and compelling scientific evidence for incorporating them into your routine. Study results that have higher percentage improvements than many new medications and treatments. From what you are eating to how you are thinking, steps that will leave you feeling healthier, happier and empowered. Continue reading “Review of High Percentage Wellness Steps by Suneel Dhand”

Review of Hostel By The Sea by Luanne M. Lusic

I never really knew what a Hostel was before reading this book, since -as the author states- it’s not a very common thing here in the US. To me, the idea of people bunking together in shared rooms, dorm style, with complete strangers is not only a bizarre notion, but an intimidating (and frightening) one as well. But for outgoing and friendly Luanne Lusic, living in a hostel was an adventure- one that left her full of memories and stories. Continue reading “Review of Hostel By The Sea by Luanne M. Lusic”