Review of High Percentage Wellness Steps by Suneel Dhand

Modern medicine is all about treating illness and disease. But how about promoting wellness instead? Have you ever wondered if there are some simple and natural everyday lifestyle choices that can dramatically improve your health and well-being? Things your doctor should be telling you all the time, but doesn’t. Recommendations based on solid medical science. In High Percentage Wellness Steps, you will be shown some of these easy everyday steps and compelling scientific evidence for incorporating them into your routine. Study results that have higher percentage improvements than many new medications and treatments. From what you are eating to how you are thinking, steps that will leave you feeling healthier, happier and empowered.


High Percentage Wellness Steps is an excellent book which helps you understand the most effective ways to keep yourself healthy and happy in order to prevent illness in the first place. In it, Dr. Suneel Dhand outlines the seven pillars of health, and gives you the statistics to show just how important they really are. Reading this book, you will learn:

Simple changes you can make in you diet that will make a big difference to your health, along with a breakdown of why certain fad diets work

  • How your body weight and exercise affect your health
  • Incorporation of emotional and mental wellness as factors in health
  • Bulleted summations after each chapter (which I especially appreciated!)

– all written with a light-hearted and positive approach that is downright inspirational. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone!

Rating: 5 stars



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