Lord Change Me by James MacDonald

Have you ever tried to turn away from a bad habit or a sin, just to fall back into temptation?

Why is it so hard to stop behaviors when we know they’re wrong?

In Lord Change Me, James MacDonald shows us why it is all but impossible to change on our own. He exposes the faulty logic of relying on Christ only to save us, while pushing Him aside as we attempt to turn from our sins by our own strength and merit. Continue reading “Lord Change Me by James MacDonald”

Christ’s Prophetic Plans: A Futuristic Premillennial Primer by John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue

In scripture, 62 (94%) out of 66 books contain predictive information.

What do you really know about end-times prophecy?

What do you believe about the rapture and Christ’s second coming?

Could you defend that belief with a logical explanation?

Written from a futuristic premillennial viewpoint, theologians John MacArthur, Richard Mayhue, Michael Vlach, Nathan Busenitz, and Matthew Waymeyer explore the different beliefs held in regards to Israel, the rapture, Christ’s second coming, and the millennial reign. Using scripture, they lay out the arguments in a point-by-point format which disprove faulty teachings such as replacement theology and Amillennialism, while proving through God’s word that Israel is still God’s chosen people, and the rapture of the church is imminent. Think of this book as a form of apologetics for eschatology- it is designed to help you figure out what to believe about end-times prophecy, and why. Continue reading “Christ’s Prophetic Plans: A Futuristic Premillennial Primer by John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue”

5 Ways to Fit More Reading Time Into Your Schedule

photo credit: Jenn and Tony Bot via photopin cc
photo credit: Jenn and Tony Bot via photopin cc

Ever wish you could fit more reading into your busy schedule? Here are 5 sneaky tricks that I use to do just that: Continue reading “5 Ways to Fit More Reading Time Into Your Schedule”

A Month of Tomorrows by Chuck Walsh

      When busy writer Pete Swift is asked to record the life story of dying WWII veteran, Samuel Gable, he isn’t sure if he wants the job. But after meeting with Mr. Gable and hearing him begin to recount his tale, Pete feels compelled to take the offer. He throws himself into his work and can’t seem to pull himself away. Samuel Gable has only a month of tomorrows left to live, and Pete wants to make sure he gets the whole story before it’s too late. But at what expense? The long work hours drives a wedge into his marriage, and Pete stands to lose his family.

Meanwhile, during his long visits to the Gable home, Pete begins to feel an attraction to Samuel’s daughter, who remains by her father’s side to care for him in his final days, and sparks begin to fly. As the book comes to a climax, Pete realizes he’s made a terrible mistake, but is it too late? As Samuel Gable helps Pete reclaim his marriage, Pete has his own ideas of reconciling the Gable family. Continue reading “A Month of Tomorrows by Chuck Walsh”

Activating the Power of the Cross by Tony Evans

Technology without power is useless- a computer left unplugged will never realize it’s full potential. Even if it has the best programming in the world, it won’t make a difference until you plug it in.

It’s the same thing with us. Until we activate the power of the cross, we will never achieve the level of effectiveness that God has planned for our lives.

In this book, Tony Evans explains exactly how to do that- basing everything on scripture.

Continue reading “Activating the Power of the Cross by Tony Evans”

A Walk Through the Dark by Eva Piper, with Cecil Murphey

Eva Piper’s life was an ordinary one, until the day that darkness fell. While teaching at school, she received a call that her husband had been in an accident. Anything more was unknown. But rather than being filled with fear, she is overcome by the peace of God, and hears a voice inside her say, This will be difficult, but it’s going to be okay. Don has two broken legs and an arm. She explains, ” I believe God whispered to me to give me the perfect peace of which the Bible speaks and to prepare me for what was ahead.”

What lay ahead were months of agony for her husband as he recovered from his injuries caused by a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler; and a deeply emotionally trying time for Eva as she remained faithfully by his bedside throughout the process, and assumed the responsibilities her husband had always taken care of. Yet, through it all, she finds peace in God as she learns to put her faith in Him in the darkest of times.

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Words Matter: A Review of Redemption by William E. Jefferson

REDEMPTION is a companion book to The Point: The Redemption of Oban Ironbout. The work is set on the metaphorical Isle of Estillyen, where creative monks stage dramatic readings of biblical stories. In The Point, the readings were presented in synopsis form. Now readers can delve into the twelve Scripture narratives as they were originally given by the monks of Estillyen. Richly inspiring, this unique volume promises to draw readers closer to the theme of redemption–and to the Redeemer himself. The story beckons. Life it gives. Redemption it offers.

Continue reading “Words Matter: A Review of Redemption by William E. Jefferson”