A Walk Through the Dark by Eva Piper, with Cecil Murphey

Eva Piper’s life was an ordinary one, until the day that darkness fell. While teaching at school, she received a call that her husband had been in an accident. Anything more was unknown. But rather than being filled with fear, she is overcome by the peace of God, and hears a voice inside her say, This will be difficult, but it’s going to be okay. Don has two broken legs and an arm. She explains, ” I believe God whispered to me to give me the perfect peace of which the Bible speaks and to prepare me for what was ahead.”

What lay ahead were months of agony for her husband as he recovered from his injuries caused by a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler; and a deeply emotionally trying time for Eva as she remained faithfully by his bedside throughout the process, and assumed the responsibilities her husband had always taken care of. Yet, through it all, she finds peace in God as she learns to put her faith in Him in the darkest of times.

This book was very inspirational for me, though hard to read at times. The raw and uncensored way that Eva describes her own feelings and the ups and downs that she and her husband, Don, went through, show that even “good Christians” don’t always know how to cope with hardships. Yet, still, God is always there for us, to guide us through the darkness.

Eva points out the importance of being there for your friends and loved ones as they go through difficulties, as well as the importance of allowing those friends and loved ones to care for you in your own hour of need.

This is a wonderful book for faith-building and getting you through the difficult times in life. As Eva concludes, “The darkness isn’t over. We face it at the most unexpected times. But we can be prepared. God has never left us to walk through the dark alone, and He won’t leave you either.”

Rating: 4 stars


I received a complimentary copy of this book through the publisher, Thomas Nelson, and BookSneeze® in exchange for an honest review.

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