Stranded by Dani Pettrey

  How far would you go to save your best friend?

Darcey St James is under cover on an Alaskan cruise ship, posing as a travel reporter- really she’s there at the request of her friend Abby, an undercover investigative journalist who is hot on the trail of a really big story. Only there’s one problem- Abby’s gone missing, and nobody seems to know where she went. Darcey knows her friend is in danger, and the only way to find her is to pick up where Abby left off. Can Darcey discover the truth behind the recent disappearance of several young women from the cruise ship? Continue reading “Stranded by Dani Pettrey”

Mind-Body Workbook for Anger by Stanley H. Block, Carolyn Bryant Block

Stanley H Block, M.D., and Carolyn Bryant Block create a mind-body workbook for anger management, using the Identity System (I-system) along with Mind-Body bridging and thought labeling. Continue reading “Mind-Body Workbook for Anger by Stanley H. Block, Carolyn Bryant Block”

Don’t Miss The Boat by Paul Taylor

An exciting look at the single most catastrophic event in history.

Paul Taylor unravels the mysteries surrounding the biblical flood account, tackling some of the biggest arguments by old-earth scientists, and showing that the earth is full of evidences pointing to a recent, global flood.

Don’t Miss The Boat offers a great wealth of information without being overwhelming or overly complicated. This book covers a vast array of topics such as carbon dating, fossils, catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT), canopy theory, ark design, and more- breaking them down into a more simplistic form that the average reader can understand. Continue reading “Don’t Miss The Boat by Paul Taylor”

The King is Coming by Erwin W. Lutzer

The King is coming. Are you ready?

Renowned theologian Dr. Erwin Lutzer presents a sensible and scripture based look at bible prophecy. Written with love and humility, he gently guides the reader through prophetic scriptures, from the rapture to the great tribulation, to the millennial reign. Continue reading “The King is Coming by Erwin W. Lutzer”

Spillover by David Quammen

Spillover explores the frightening and complex world of Zoonosis -an infectious disease in an animal which is transmissible to humans. From SARS, AIDS, west nile, and lyme disease, to Hendra, Ebola, and beyond, zoonoses are far more widespread than many realise. Continue reading “Spillover by David Quammen”

A Perfect America by Peter Meredith

Phil Tarsus is an inquisitor- his job is to to get confessions from alleged criminals no matter the cost. He is used to inflicting pain and causing terror, and loves the power that comes along with his position. But while working on his latest case, something is different. Stephen, a self-confessed (albeit under duress of torture) gay, sparks a nagging question in Phil that refuses to go away. Sentenced to death by stoning, Stephen’s final words haunt Phil. Strange words about redemption and God and heaven. But Phil doesn’t believe these lies. He knows that God is just a lie made up by the neocons to enslave the masses. Isn’t it? Continue reading “A Perfect America by Peter Meredith”