Don’t Miss The Boat by Paul Taylor

An exciting look at the single most catastrophic event in history.

Paul Taylor unravels the mysteries surrounding the biblical flood account, tackling some of the biggest arguments by old-earth scientists, and showing that the earth is full of evidences pointing to a recent, global flood.

Don’t Miss The Boat offers a great wealth of information without being overwhelming or overly complicated. This book covers a vast array of topics such as carbon dating, fossils, catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT), canopy theory, ark design, and more- breaking them down into a more simplistic form that the average reader can understand.

This wonderful book presents fascinating arguments for, and against, differing creationist views of how the great flood came about, as well as where the water went, and the age-old question, could all of the animals really have fit into one ark? (The answer is yes!)

Taylor includes four short fictional stories to give the reader a sense of the times leading up to the event of the flood, and ends by leading the reader to an understanding of their need for repentance and a close relationship with Christ. Also included in the back of the book is a series of study questions, making this a great book for family or group study.

If you are at all interested in learning more about the scientific and historical accuracy of the bible, creationism, and the great flood, I cannot recommend this book enough!

Rating: 5 stars


I received a free copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review

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