Stranded by Dani Pettrey

  How far would you go to save your best friend?

Darcey St James is under cover on an Alaskan cruise ship, posing as a travel reporter- really she’s there at the request of her friend Abby, an undercover investigative journalist who is hot on the trail of a really big story. Only there’s one problem- Abby’s gone missing, and nobody seems to know where she went. Darcey knows her friend is in danger, and the only way to find her is to pick up where Abby left off. Can Darcey discover the truth behind the recent disappearance of several young women from the cruise ship?

Using her cover to gain insight from the crew (who remain strangely uncooperative) Darcey starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but the stark reality of what her friend has uncovered is beyond anything she could have imagined. As if things weren’t complicated enough, Darcey discovers she will be working with an old flame, and the tension runs high. Can the two put the past behind them and work together to find Darcey’s friend in time?

Stranded is an fast-paced story with an underlining Christian theme that I found refreshing. I had a really hard time putting this book down! Pettrey is a fantastic author with a wonderful writing voice and strong characters that left me wanting more, and I will definitely be looking for more of her books in the future!

Rating: 5 stars


Disclaimer – I received a free copy of this book through Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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