Honest To God by Josh Weidmann

Are you being honest to God?

Let’s face it – sometimes we’re not always honest. In a superficial world that’s all about keeping up appearances, it can be hard to let down your guard. It leaves you open to rejection, vulnerable- but it’s also crucially important to a healthy relationship. Honesty is the key to trust, and to our faith.

Josh Weidmann shares his life experiences of learning how to open up to God, and sharing his true thoughts and feelings with Him. He explains that God doesn’t want us to be pretenders, He wants us to tell Him what’s really on our hearts and minds.As Weidmann states in his  book, “Raw honesty requires me to bare my soul before a holy God.”

If we want a healthy relationship with God, we need to get real with Him. God knows all about our shortcomings, our doubts and our worries- and He loves us anyway. That’s what grace is all about. Why not let God into those dark corners in our hearts that we try so foolishly to hide from Him, so that He can comfort us and help us with our problems?

Honest To God is an inspiring book that encourages us to get real with God and with ourselves. Weidmann’s down-to-earth approach to this sensitive subject, emphasizing the grace of God and the surety of His love, makes this book a pleasure to read. If you are looking for a closer relationship with God, this book is an excellent place to start!

Rating: 4 stars


I received a free copy of this book through Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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