Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse by Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider shares his experiences and observations as a journalist during the Occupy Wall Street movement, where he spent much of his time participating in the marches, meetings, and camp-0uts in Zuccotti Park. He offers an insider’s perspective on the goings-on of the protests.

I was interested in reading Thank You, Anarchy because I was curious to read a journalistic perspective of the OWS movement without the filter of the major news corporations. Unfortunately, I was hugely disappointed with the book and Schneider’s own self-admitted bias of the event. Written with a strong slant and open adoration of the political motivations and agendas (or lack thereof) behind the movement, as well as a close-minded disdain for any opposing view point, this book seems to have no intentions of proselytizing to unbelievers in the OWS movement- but only to sing it’s praises.

The New York Observer‘s review of the book pretty much says it all: “Objective journalism, this is not.

I would definitely call this a polarizing book- either you will like it very much or you will hate it, depending entirely on your moral/political views. I, for one, did not like it.

Review: 2 stars

I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review.

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