The Glory Of Heaven by Betty Malz

Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? Is it just a boring place of clouds, harps, and halos -or is there more to it than that?

Author Betty Malz approaches these questions and more, all from a biblical perspective using scripture to show what God has waiting for us on the other side. This book addresses common questions such as what will we eat, wear, and do? Will we still recognize our friends and family? Where will we live? It encourages the reader’s faith by showing the things we can look forward to when we return to be with our Father in heaven. Continue reading “The Glory Of Heaven by Betty Malz”

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The Cars of Trans-Am Racing: 1966-1972 by David Tom

David Tom, Founder and Registrar of the Historic Trans-Am Registry, presents a stunning tribute to the cars of Trans-Am racing- the only  book in print on the popular race series, referred to by David Friedman as “the pony car wars”. This beautiful hardcover book contains many photos never-before-seen in print, with high-gloss pages and color photos aplenty.

Features include insight and interviews from the original car builders and teams who maintained the cars, and a full history of Trans-Am racing from the very first event in 66 at Daytona. Continue reading “The Cars of Trans-Am Racing: 1966-1972 by David Tom”

Return To Me by Lynn Austin

With the Persian overthrow of Babylon, King Cyrus issues a decree allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple.

Young Zechariah has reached a pivotal point in his life. On the cusp of adulthood, he must choose whether he will stay in Babylon with his parents or travel to Jerusalem with his grandparents and help rebuild the Jewish temple. On the eve of his Bar Mitzvah, he feels the overwhelming presence of God, and a calling that he must answer- return to Israel and train to become a priest. Continue reading “Return To Me by Lynn Austin”

{Giveaway} – Enter to win a copy of The Rockaways by Gilles Peress


Published on the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, The Rockaways combines visceral photos by renowned photographer Gilles Peress (Telex Iran, Farewell to Bosnia) with the voices of residents in the communities hit hardest by the superstorm.

About Concord Free Press:

Founded in 2008, the Concord Free Press ( publish great books and give them away for free, asking only that you make a voluntary donation of any amount to a charity or someone in need,  then pass the book on to another reader so that he or she can give. This author-led, all-volunteer effort has attracted thousands of supporters from around the world. Continue reading “{Giveaway} – Enter to win a copy of The Rockaways by Gilles Peress”

Simple Rules by Shannon Taylor Scarlett

Architect Shannon Taylor Scarlett shares concepts and techniques from 18th, 19th, and early 20th century references and guides, exploring the reasons behind what makes some structures beautiful, and others not so much.

In this beautifully simplistic and brief read (111p), the author has created a sort of builder handbook / designs guide which focuses on 25 simple rules for designing beautiful architecture- with the aim to help regain forgotten and abandoned techniques for achieving balance and meaning in architecture, making it aesthetically beautiful. Continue reading “Simple Rules by Shannon Taylor Scarlett”

Why Still Care About Israel? by Sandra Teplinsky

In this insightful book, ordained minister and president of Light of Zion Ministries, Sandra Teplinsky explores the sanctity of God’s everlasting covenant with Israel. According to Teplinsky, this book was written with 4 types of people in mind:

– Bible believers who are interested in Israel and wish to learn more from a Messianic Jewish Israeli perspective
– Christians who already love and support Israel and want to stay up to date on issues, as well as gain deeper insight
– Christians who question or doubt that God still has prophetic plans for Israel
– Non-christians puzzled or troubled by controversy and quandry of Israel, who are willing to look at the matter through the lens of scripture. Continue reading “Why Still Care About Israel? by Sandra Teplinsky”