Heirloom (Seed Savers, #3) by S. Smith

In a grim future where food comes in packets and gardening is illegal . . .

Brother and sister, Clare and Dante, have escaped to Canada and are sent to live with the Woods, a wonderful couple who run an apple orchard. There they attend classes taught by the Garden Guardians, learning how to plant and cultivate real food.

They are also taught the history behind the laws that led to the modern type of “food”- unappetizing packets with names like “carbos” and “protein”. They learn about Nipungyo, a multi-national ag-biotech corporation which gained power through the development of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). As the corporation grew in strength, it began prosecuting farmers and infiltrating the government, becoming inextricably linked with GRIM -the government agency that enforces anti-gardening laws. Continue reading “Heirloom (Seed Savers, #3) by S. Smith”

Ingredients for Success: 10 Best Practices for Business and Life by Joseph James Slawek

10bestpracticesFounder, chairman, and CEO of FONA International, Joseph James Slawek explains the 10 best practices for success that he uses in his own life and career.

Drawing from biblical principles such as the parable of the talents, he encourages readers to boldly yet compassionately tell the truth, plan ahead but be ready for surprises, be ready for accountability (there is always an accounting), invest your talents faithfully for maximum return, and more.

This is a wonderful book for christians who are looking to make a deeper, more meaningful impact on life. It centers completely around giving all that you have to God, and treating others with selfless compassion. Continue reading “Ingredients for Success: 10 Best Practices for Business and Life by Joseph James Slawek”

Lights, Camera, Gallop! by Lesley Lodge

There isn’t much that is more stirring than watching a group of wild horses gallop across the movie screen in pure freedom.

And what could be better than watching the hero ride off into the sunset on his trusty steed?

Even if you’re not the biggest horse lover, it’s hard to imagine the success of movies such as westerns, historical films, and the like, without the inclusion of horses. Continue reading “Lights, Camera, Gallop! by Lesley Lodge”

Esther’s Song by B. G. Brainard

Experience the story of Esther like never before . . .

After deposing his queen, King Xerxes sends his men to scour the entire Persian empire for the most beautiful young girls in hopes that he might find a new queen. To her father, Mordecai, it is no surprise that young Hadassah, well known throughout Babylon for her beauty, is among those chosen to join the King’s harem.

At only 12 years old, she enters a world unlike anything she has ever known, full of unimaginable riches, lavish gowns and beautification treatments, but Hadassah is not always happy. A veritable prisoner, she misses her father immensely, and struggles to obey his warning to hide her Jewish ancestry at all costs. There is a growing tension between her and some of the other concubines as the King’s mother requests more and more time with Hadassah. Continue reading “Esther’s Song by B. G. Brainard”

Moody Publishers’ 2014 Cover To Cover Contest


Win free books for a year!

Moody Publishers have just announced they are running a huge giveaway! How huge? Five entries will be selected to receive the ultimate library package—more than 80 books over the course of 2014! Each winner receives monthly shipments of new releases from Moody Publishers, with titles from some of the best Christian authors like Gary Chapman, Wes Stafford, Tony Evans, Dannah Gresh, Juli Slattery, John MacArthur and many more. You’ll even receive the much-anticipated, single-volume Moody Bible Commentary, written and edited by the professors of Moody Bible InstituteThe total package is valued at over $1,200!

To make the deal even better, you can choose a free e-book download from four of Moody Publishers’ best titles in 2013. Download your free e-book in a format that best works for your tablet, e-reader or computer.

Want to enter? Just visit the main giveaway entry page HERE.

Eastward in Eden by Terence Faherty

Owen Keane wants to disappear. After witnessing a suicide for which he feels responsible, he can’t seem to shake the feeling of despair. But when he is told that an old acquaintance of his, Father Swickard, is in trouble, and Keane is the priest’s only hope, he travels to Nairobi to help. After all, what better place is there to disappear?

But Keane soon discovers that what he was told was “a matter of life and death” doesn’t seem to fit the bill- and all he finds in Kenya is the same prickly priest he knew back home, and a mysterious sword that seems to have disappeared into thin air. Continue reading “Eastward in Eden by Terence Faherty”

January Giveaway: Enter To Win A Copy Of Deadly Catch by E. Michael Helms!

Another month, another giveaway!

This month,  I’m giving away a copy of DEADLY CATCH by E. Michael Helms to one lucky subscriber! 

About the book:

“The first cast of the day turned my dream vacation into a nightmare. . . .” 

After twenty-four years in the U.S. Marines, recently retired Mac McClellan is happy to be a civilian again. He is enjoying a leisurely fishing vacation in the Florida panhandle when he hooks a badly decomposed body.
Then, when a bag of rare marijuana is discovered stashed aboard his rental boat, he realizes someone is setting him up to take the fall for murder and drug smuggling. Mac’s plans for a more laid-back life must be put on hold while he works to clear his name as the number one suspect. Continue reading “January Giveaway: Enter To Win A Copy Of Deadly Catch by E. Michael Helms!”