3 BOOK GIVEAWAY! Shades of Mercy by Anita Lustrea & Caryn Rivadeneira

An inspiring story of faith, love, and a hope for a better tomorrow. . .

Mercy is a young woman on the cusp of adulthood, growing up in 1950s northern Maine. A farmer’s daughter, she has always been treated as a son, working the fields and charged with driving each day to collect workers from the local Maliseet tribe- a group of impoverished Native Americans who have been banished to live at the town dump.

Though her father has always treated the Maliseet as equals, not everyone in the town is so kind, and as a romance begins to blossom between Mercy and her childhood Maliseet friend Mic, she hopes that one day their relationship will be acceptable in society.

But everything changes when her best friend’s sister elopes with a member of the Maliseet tribe, throwing the town into an uproar. In the midst of the confusion, Mic gets arrested and falsely charged with attempted murder, and all Mercy can do is pray and trust that God will set things right as her family struggles to free him- and she soon discovers that God’s mercy is greater than we could ever know. Continue reading “3 BOOK GIVEAWAY! Shades of Mercy by Anita Lustrea & Caryn Rivadeneira”

Life Stinks . . . And Then You Die: Living Well in a Sick World by Bob Hostetler

Are you struggling to find contentment in life?

Bob Hostetler explores the book of ecclesiastes, one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood books of the Bible.

Known for its cynical refrain of “vanity, vanity, all is vanity!”, the book of ecclesiastes lays bare the realities of life without any attempts to sugar-coat or glamorize it. In other words, “life stinks and then you die!”

But deep within the heartfelt cries of agony rest some very profound truths, and eye-opening insights into the meaning and purpose of life, pointing to God as the one source of life’s happiness. Continue reading “Life Stinks . . . And Then You Die: Living Well in a Sick World by Bob Hostetler”

When Johnny Came Marching Home by William Heffernan

A raw and emotional story about the consequences of war . . .

When Johnny Came Marching Home follows the story of Jubal Foster and his two best friends, Johnny and Abel- country boys raised in the woods of Vermont. Inseparable, they do everything together, from hunting deer to pulling pranks and practical jokes; and when the call comes for them to serve their country, the three friends eagerly decide to enlist together to fight in the Civil War. But they soon discover that war is not as glorious and noble as they once thought, experiencing first-hand it’s consequences in the tolls it takes, and the effects it has on those who survive.

After the war, Jubal returns home with an amputated arm and a heavy heart, weighed down with secrets he must take with him to the grave. Abel has been killed, and only he and Johnny remain- but Johnny has changed, and is no longer the kind innocent boy he used to be.  Continue reading “When Johnny Came Marching Home by William Heffernan”