Of Blood and Brothers – Book One – A Novel of The Civil War by E. Michael Helms

In the midst of the Civil War, two brothers fight from opposite sides of the battlefield. . .

As a rookie reporter, Calvin Hogue has been given an assignment to cover the Malburn family reunion, but when he meets the aged Civil War veteran Daniel Malburn, he realizes that he has stumbled onto the story of a lifetime- a tale of two brothers fighting opposite sides of the civil war. He is determined to record their story for future generations before it is lost forever, meeting with the brothers separately, learning their stories and publishing them in weekly installments. Before long, his articles have gathered quite a following, but before he can finish the job, tragedy strikes, and he must return home- leaving behind an unfinished tale and the love of his life.

In this brilliantly written novel by E. Michael Helms, the reader is offered a glimpse into this dark period of American history, full of tragedy, hardships, and incredible loss of life. Helms’ knowledge of the Civil War era and its battles is impressive as he leads the reader through the story, poignantly capturing the hopes, fears, and struggles of soldiers on the battlefield.

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Christmastime 1940: A Love Story by Agnes Irene

A Christmas story for all seasons . . .

Lillian Hapsey is trying to make a new life for herself and her two boys in Manhattan. As a widow, she struggles to fill the role of both mother and provider to her children, spending as much time with them as she can, while working as a telephone operator at a publishing house.

Though it is Christmastime, the mood of the city is anything but light with news of the war in Europe and rumors of America joining the fight overshadowing the joy of the season and leaving everyone on edge.

But the biggest humbug of all is Charles Drooms- the antisocial and downright unfriendly man who lives down the hall from Lillian. Brief meetings on the street and in the halls are curt and unpleasant, but somehow Lillian is able to look past his frosty exterior and sees a kindred spirit haunted by a deep sorrow, and is determined to help him. But just when he begins to open up to her, tragedy strikes, forcing him to relive the most painful part of his past, and he pulls away. Was she mistaken about him all along, or can a Christmas miracle mend a broken heart and bring the two together? Continue reading “Christmastime 1940: A Love Story by Agnes Irene”

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