Learning from Leonardo: Decoding the Notebooks of a Genius

A quote from the book:

“Today the scientific method is practiced worldwide, but it is still ignored by many individuals and institutions outside of science. This is true, for example, of many conservative politicians in the United States”

Seriously? What should be a remarkable learning experience and an unbiased look into the accomplishments of da Vinci is instead a book with such a left-leaning, anti-theistic bend that I could not even bring myself to finish reading through the prologue.

Perhaps the book improves, but I fail to see how anyone could manage (even accidentally) to insert modern-day politics into a book that is supposed to be about Leonardo da Vinci. It is both inappropriate and inexcusable for anyone who considers themselves to be a serious writer or scholar.

If Mr. Capra insists on shoveling such copious amounts of refuse, I encourage him to do so in the appropriate forum of the “Politics” genre. I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed with this book and do not recommend it.

Rating: 1 star

I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review.


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