Of Blood and Brothers: Book Two by E. Michael Helms


 Reporter Calvin Hogue is back, and wastes no time in uncovering the rest of the Malburn brothers’ story. . .

After suffering a severe head wound, Daniel is sent north to Rock Island Prison, where he faces unfathomable hardships under the deplorable treatment of his captors. Worse still, he suffers from bouts of amnesia, and can only remember vague pieces from his past.

Meanwhile, Eli, who has been serving in the Union army against his will, finds his chance to escape. Together, he and Jefferson desert, and make their way back home, dodging both Union and Confederate soldiers alike.

Soon, the war has come to an end, and Daniel is released from prison. Struggling with amnesia and an addiction to laudanum, he makes his way slowly south, to where he thinks “home” might be, unaware that his family has mistakenly received word of his death. By the time he reaches home, he finds that things are much different than when he had left them, and suffers perhaps the biggest blow of all at the hand of his brother Eli.

Though the war has ended, trouble is brewing in the brothers’ hometown as Confederate veterans clash with the Union League (an organization dedicated to promoting loyalty to the Union), in an attempt to drive them out. As time passes, the violence worsens, and if the Malburn brothers hope to protect their family, they must set aside their differences and work together.

E. Michael Helms completes the Malburn brothers’ saga with finesse, never once losing pace in this suspenseful historical fiction. Though a bit darker than the first book, book two reveals the fascinating history of the years immediately following the civil war. Full of human suffering and struggles, this book will leave you in awe of this tumultuous period of American history. Helms writes with a purpose and clarity that is not often found in today’s writers, and I find myself quickly becoming a fan. Highly recommended!

Rating: 5 stars

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I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


About the author:

E. Michael Helms is a USMC combat veteran. His memoir of the Vietnam War, “The Proud Bastards,” has been called “As powerful and compelling a battlefield memoir as any ever written … a modern military classic,” and has been in print for most of the past 20 years.
His work has also appeared in the books: “Semper Fi: Stories of U.S. Marines from Boot Camp to Battle” (Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2003); “Soldier’s Heart: Survivors’ Views of Combat Trauma” (The Sidran Press, 1995); and “Two Score and Ten: The Third Marine Division History” (Turner Publishing, 1992).
Book One of his two-part historical saga, “Of Blood and Brothers,” was released September 2013. Book Two followed in March 2014.
The first novel of his Mac McClellan Mystery series, “Deadly Catch,” was published in November 2013 and was Library Journal’s “Debut Mystery of the Month.” The second Mac McClellan Mystery, “Deadly Ruse,” is scheduled for Fall 2014.
“The Private War of Corporal Henson,” a semi-autobiographical fictional sequel to “The Proud Bastards,” will be published in June 2014.
Helms lives with his wife in the Upstate region of South Carolina in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, and continues to work on his mystery series.

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