Cultured Food for Life: How to Make and Serve Delicious Probiotic Foods for Better Health and Wellness by Donna Schwenk


Donna Schwenk explores the world of cultured foods, from kefir to kombucha and beyond. . . 

In Cultured Food For Life, Schwenk discusses the many health benefits of naturally cultured foods, and how they have helped her and her family over the years. She introduces the reader to the many different varieties of cultured foods, as well as giving detailed descriptions and instructions on how to make them yourself. The book includes dozens of recipes to help you incorporate these probiotic powerhouses into your everyday diet.

Down-to-earth and very knowledgeable, Schwenk’s own experiences of healing with cultured foods is downright inspiring as she shares all of the fascinating and valuable information she has learned throughout the years.

Full of great recipes like kombucha floats, chocolate kefir sourdough waffles, and sprouted tomato-basil bread, this book is sure to please a wide variety of palates. It includes a section of glossy, full-color photos of select recipes.

I loved the ease of use with this book. The recipes are excellent and easy to follow (my family especially loved the homemade sauerkraut!) and the back of the book is full of resources for gathering more information, as well as a link to additional recipes, articles, videos on the author’s website. Cultured Food For Life is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their health through diet. Highly recommended!

I received a free copy of this book through in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4 stars


About the author:

Donna Schwenk is the Kansas City Chapter leader for Weston Price Foundation, a worldwide organization comprised of people dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense food to the human diet through education, research, and activism. She teaches classes in the Kansas City area to open people’s eyes to the power of cultured foods, which dramatically changed her health and the health of her family when she been making and eating them in 2002. She is the founder of

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