The Turning by Davis Bunn & GIVEAWAY!






Hope is dead. That is the message that Trent Cooper hopes will take the younger generations by storm- while simultaneously launching him into a corporate career of power and wealth. Working for a media company, he hopes to use the seeming despair of the millennials to drive the latest fad by taking away any sense of hope they may have, and making a mockery of religion. Soon the phrase is seen everywhere- from advertisements, to trendies on street corners holding ‘hope is dead’ signs. A new culture of despondency has been born, and it seems there is no way to stop the evil that is rising. . .

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Slowing Down in a Speedstressed World: Practical Skills & Kindly Advice by Marian Read Place, LCSW


Project deadlines. PTA meetings. Housework. Grocery lists. So often it seems that life is too full of stress and too short on time. Every day is a mad rush to get things done. But all of that frantic energy may be doing us more harm than good -through costly mistakes and missed opportunities, as well as untold damage to our health and mind.

In Slowing Down In A Speedstressed World, Marian Read Place examines the modern phenomenon of “speedstress” – that incessant urge to do more, faster – and how it affects our daily lives. By following the simple steps and exercises listed in the book, you can begin to cultivate a calmer, more focused frame of mind that will allow you to be more effective in your work, while helping you to become more aware of, and enjoy, the small things in life.
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Coming Of The Hour by Harrison Charles


A serial killer is on the loose in Atlanta. . .

Citizens of Georgia breathe a sigh of relief when Douglas Parson is arrested and placed on death row for the brutal murder of a priest. With the monster behind bars, the city of Atlanta will be a little more secure. But when a string of  similar murders begin to take place, police begin to wonder if Parson is somehow involved, especially after receiving regular visits from a mysterious blonde woman with a briefcase. But is everything truly what it seems to be, or is there something far more sinister at work? Continue reading “Coming Of The Hour by Harrison Charles”