Slowing Down in a Speedstressed World: Practical Skills & Kindly Advice by Marian Read Place, LCSW


Project deadlines. PTA meetings. Housework. Grocery lists. So often it seems that life is too full of stress and too short on time. Every day is a mad rush to get things done. But all of that frantic energy may be doing us more harm than good -through costly mistakes and missed opportunities, as well as untold damage to our health and mind.

In Slowing Down In A Speedstressed World, Marian Read Place examines the modern phenomenon of “speedstress” – that incessant urge to do more, faster – and how it affects our daily lives. By following the simple steps and exercises listed in the book, you can begin to cultivate a calmer, more focused frame of mind that will allow you to be more effective in your work, while helping you to become more aware of, and enjoy, the small things in life.

Using wonderful anecdotes and real-life situations borrowed from a nation-wide survey, Place offers practical “slowlutions” for everyday life, including strategies for the workplace, interviews, retirement, and general anxiety, as well as tips for parents and children.

Wonderfully insightful and easy to follow, this book really caused me to examine the way I interact with life and those around me. Particularly fascinating, for me, were the sections on the physical and neurological effects of stress, which contained a great deal of information that I had never heard before, as well as the helpful tips for “decelerating” negative, stress-inducing thoughts. I loved the simplicity of Place’s “peel, reveal, and deal” method for handling self-judgmental thoughts, and plan on putting it into action in my daily life.

If you are looking to reduce your stress, or simply get more out of life, this book is a wonderful tool to help you learn to ‘stop and smell the roses’. Highly recommended!

Rating: 4 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

About the author:

Marian Read Place, LCSW, has been a clinical social worker for twenty years; she has also served as a correspondent for the Albuquerque Journal and worked in live television. Slowing Down in a Speedstressed World: Practical Skills & Kindly Advice, her first book, is the result of eight years of research (interviews and a national mail survey). Ms. Place’s book has gathered strong positive reviews, as have her presentations on slowing down. In her book, Ms. Place incorporates warmth, wisdom, and a keen belief, after years as a psychotherapist, that nearly everyone can make the changes they desire by using a combination of skills, small steps, and kindness to self. Ms. Place has lived in cities with diverse pacing, from New York City in childhood to her current hometown of Durham, N.C. She attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, and received her Masters of Social Work at New Mexico Highlands University. She has served on National Association of Social Workers-North Carolina Chapter Ethics Committee. She encourages readers to be in touch with her through

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