2076: A Revolutionary Tale by Stephen G. Mitchell


I am so conflicted by this book- I enjoy Mitchell’s writing very much but find a lot of things about this book very off-putting. Let me explain…

The premise of this book is interesting- a futuristic “America” that has spun wildly out of control. Famines and other environmental changes have led to food shortages, leaving food enough only for the elitist “walled-ins”. Lower class “SERFS” must eat FASTFED, a disgusting yet addicting synthetic food. But there are a group of rebels who fight the walled-ins and steal their food to share amongst themselves, dreaming of a future America where there is food enough for everyone.

Were I basing my review on premise alone, I probably would give this book 4 stars, because I did enjoy it. However, about midway through the book, Mitchel begins to interject left-wing political ideology. I found this annoying, but was still willing to overlook it and continue on with the book, until I reached about 3/4s of the way through, where a character begins a lengthy tirade against religion. Continue reading “2076: A Revolutionary Tale by Stephen G. Mitchell”

Across Great Divides by Monique Roy


Across Great Divides chronicles the story of Eva and Inge, two identical twin sisters growing up in Nazi Germany. As Jews, life becomes increasingly difficult for them and their family under the oppressive and anti-Semitic laws of the Nazis. Then, after witnessing the horrors of Kristallnacht, they realize they must leave their beloved homeland if they hope to survive.

Unsure of where to go, they travel to Antwerp, Belgium, and then on to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, chasing the diamond trade in hopes of finding work for their father, a diamond cutter and jeweler by trade. Finally, they find a home for themselves in the beautiful country of South Africa and begin to settle down.

But just as things begin to feel safe, their new home becomes caught up in it’s own battles of bigotry and hate under the National Party’s demand for an apartheid South Africa. Eva and Inge wonder if they will ever be allowed to live in peace, though they cling to the hope for a better day when there will be “an understanding of the past, compassion for all humanity, and …hope and courage to move forward across great divides.” Continue reading “Across Great Divides by Monique Roy”

Connecting Happiness and Success: A guide to creating success through happiness by Ray White


ebq4star“Success doesn’t lead to happiness, happiness leads to success.”

It’s an odd concept. Let’s face it, it’s an unspoken rule in society that if we want to “succeed” in life, we need to work as hard as we can and do whatever it takes- and, hopefully, happiness will come afterward.

But that’s not exactly true. Author Ray White explains that happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of living. It’s also a choice; one that, when implemented, can help to catapult us into success with our business, our family, and our relationships.

In Connecting Happiness and Success, you will learn proven habits and techniques that will teach you how to be happy first, and then use that happiness to achieve even greater success down the road.
Continue reading “Connecting Happiness and Success: A guide to creating success through happiness by Ray White”

Short Stories From The Heart by H. C. Heartland

In this collection of 8 short stories, H. C. Heartland takes the reader on a multitude of adventures, from the charming romance of Courage in a cup of coffee and Falling asleep at midnight, to the humorous Chicken Pox Revenge, to the heartwarming tale, A morning to meander.

This wide array of stories also includes a sci-fi story in The Kitty Incident, and covers a diverse range of settings, from farmsteads of rural America, to places as far away as the island of Madagascar.

Full of quirky characters, beautiful landscapes, and heartwarming moments, these stories will both encourage and inspire you. Heartland has the remarkable ability to capture those still, quiet moments in life that hold the most meaning- from an old man teaching a young boy to skip stones (A morning to meander), to a loyal house maid who grieves the loss of her employer and dear friend by falling asleep in his favorite chair (Lanto). Continue reading “Short Stories From The Heart by H. C. Heartland”