Should You Marry Him? A No-Nonsense, Therapist-Tested Guide to Not Screwing Up The Biggest Decision of Your Life by Abby Rodman, LICSW

About to tie the knot?

Wondering if you (or your beau) are truly ready for a lifetime commitment?

Should You Marry Him? Is a little book with a lot of sage advice from psychotherapist and relationship expert Abby Rodman, who uses her vast experience and knowledge of relationships, and what makes or breaks them, to help guide potential brides through the most common pitfalls that cause marriages to end in divorce.

But don’t be fooled by this book’s slim appearance- it’s brimming over with some of the most difficult, gut-wrenching, soul-searching questions you’ll ever face; all designed to help you determine if your relationship is truly built on the stable foundation that is crucial to living out your happily-ever-after.
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Enter to Win a SIGNED Copy of The Private War of Corporal Henson by E. Michael Helms

 – September Giveaway –

Enter to win a SIGNED copy of

The Private War of Corporal Henson

by author E. Michael Helms

About the book:

Vietnam didn’t stay in Southeast Asia. It followed former U.S. Marine Corporal Nathan Henson back to the World-his hometown in the Florida panhandle. Seventeen years later, specters from ‘Nam still haunt the corners of Nathan’s life and the recurring nightmarish scenes of carnage won’t die. Desperate, he seeks help and joins a support group for Vietnam combat veterans. Now a new war begins-against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In a series of gut-wrenching sessions, Nathan faces the ghosts of his past and shares the struggles of others as they confront and relive horrors and dark secrets kept locked inside. There’s Vic Guerino, a former Army helicopter pilot trying to adjust to the boredom of a grounded life, Dan “Doc” Matthews, wrestling with addiction brought home from the battlefields of Vietnam, and Rene Boudreaux, the loner who withdraws from society with paranoia ruling his every waking moment. Nathan must conquer the demons of PTSD to win peace in his life, but it’s a harrowing rollercoaster ride through the valley of healing. The path is strewn with heartbreak and humor, hope and despair and love lost and regained. This is the comeback story of a heroic young man who saw it all, lived through it, and ultimately emerged from the shadows of war. Continue reading “Enter to Win a SIGNED Copy of The Private War of Corporal Henson by E. Michael Helms”

The Private War of Corporal Henson by E. Michael Helms


It wasn’t the homecoming Nathan Henson had envisioned… a quick flight back to “the World” on a freedom bird to some west coast airport where one could hopefully slip back into the heartland unnoticed by hostile demonstrators. Forty-eight hours from the jungle to the streets. Welcome home.

For Corporal Henson, the war may be over, but the battle has just begun. Suffering from PTSD, he struggles to adjust back to civilian life, haunted by memories from the battlefield, and of his fellow soldiers who lost their lives there.

In search of healing, he joins a group with other veterans where they recount their tales and experiences, forming a deep bond of brotherhood. The road to recovery is difficult- the war has taken its toll on all of them, though they each have different ways of dealing with it. Some better than others. Continue reading “The Private War of Corporal Henson by E. Michael Helms”

Managing For Success: Practical Advice For Managers by Steven R. Smith


In this self-help guide for managers, author Steven R. Smith, R.PH, M.S., equips the reader with practical advice for successful managing in any industry.

Statistics show that 40% of new managers fail, while many of the remaining 60% are performing below expectations, mainly due to lack of training and proper understanding of managerial obligations.

Based on 42 years of experience, Smith explores the proven ideas and techniques that he has used to achieve successful management. Each chapter looks at the different responsibilities and aspects of management, from the hiring and training process, to goal-setting and planning, to creating a more positive workplace environment. He also discusses time management including common time wasters,  managing the work environment, motivational factors for employees, and exactly what a manager should and should not delegate. Continue reading “Managing For Success: Practical Advice For Managers by Steven R. Smith”

Yarashell Abbily And Her Very Messy Room by Sybrina Durant


“In no time at all her room was a mess,

But to her, it was art at it’s very best!”

This sweet rhyming book tells the story of Yarashell Abbily, a three year old girl who loves to mess up her room. But when her mommy tells her it’s time to clean up, Yarashell is anything but happy. Will her room ever be clean again?

Young kids will love following along as Yarashell learns to pick up her room. Filled with beautiful illustrations by Sara Wilson, the book also includes “I like to mess up my room” song lyrics. You can download the song at

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Chewed Confessions by Cheryl Kirwan

You’ll never look at gum the same way again. . .

You see them every day -pieces of chewed gum discarded on the sidewalk, stuck under benches and tables, or melting on the side of the road.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give them a second thought.

But just imagine if that gum could talk! What kind of story would it have to tell you?

Chewed Confessions explores this idea, seeing the world from the gum’s point of view. Divided into 9 short stories, each flavor of gum provides a glimpse into the sometimes troubled, sometimes exciting lives of those who chew them.
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