Chewed Confessions by Cheryl Kirwan

You’ll never look at gum the same way again. . .

You see them every day -pieces of chewed gum discarded on the sidewalk, stuck under benches and tables, or melting on the side of the road.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give them a second thought.

But just imagine if that gum could talk! What kind of story would it have to tell you?

Chewed Confessions explores this idea, seeing the world from the gum’s point of view. Divided into 9 short stories, each flavor of gum provides a glimpse into the sometimes troubled, sometimes exciting lives of those who chew them.

 I loved the uniqueness of this book, truly unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Covering a wide range of issues, and people from all walks of life, these pieces of gum are there to help support (and freshen the breath of) their chewers, for better or worse. Some of the characters are very likeable, some not so much. Some are simply misguided, or trying to make a fresh start in life. Cheryl Kirwan’s ability to develop complex characters in the brief space within a short story is nothing short of fantastic.

There were times, however, when I felt that the “voice” of the pieces of gum were becoming too repetitive, and my squeamish nature made it a bit difficult to read about the gum’s super plaque fighting antics, though it did make me chuckle.

If you are looking for something completely new and different, then pick up this book and give it a read- I’m sure it will leave a lasting impression, and I’m also sure that you’ll never look at gum the same way again!


Rating: 3 stars

I have received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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