Bootshaus on Frost Lake by H. C. Heartland

23205202From the author of Short Stories From The Heart comes this heartwarming tale of family, fate, and love…

The year is 1922. Seeking a better life for his family, Christian Rose and his wife Julia embark on a journey from their homeland of Germany to America, the golden land of opportunity. Working as a groundskeeper at an estate on Frost Lake, Christian and Julia live in the boathouse, where life is good and soon they are expecting their first child together. But with the sudden economic collapse from the stock market crash of 1929, the fate of the estate, and the boathouse, become uncertain.

Bootshause follows the tale of the Rose family throughout the generations, and the beloved boathouse and surrounding gardens that held them all together. A wonderful rags-to-riches tale, readers will enjoy this story that both captures the imagination and warms the soul.
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Commit to Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss by Laura Dion-Jones

“I hope my story helps inspire you to let me help you Find the Secret To Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss once and for all, just like I did.”

Are you at a standstill in your weight loss?

Tired of trying every diet plan out there without seeing results?

So was Laura Dion-Jones. No matter what diet she tried, it seemed like nothing was working for her. Her weight gain, which didn’t seem to fit her normal-sized portions, baffled her. The author had battled obesity her whole life, and topping the scales at 317 lbs., she knew she had to find a better weight loss solution fast- or else. 

After meeting with countless doctors, nutritionists, even hypnotherapists, she became desperate -even strongly considering gastric bypass surgery. It seemed like nobody had the answers she was so desperately seeking. But then she finally met a doctor who was willing to listen to her, and work to uncover the true root of her problem. What she discovered was life-changing, enabling her to drop 150 pounds and become the healthy, happy person she always longed to be. Continue reading “Commit to Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss by Laura Dion-Jones”

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The Years of Zero: Coming of Age Under the Khmer Rouge by Seng Ty


“I remember the beauty and peace of Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge. Her people were generous and free-spirited. Her land was fertile, carpeted with rice fields, and her every monsoon a blessing… At night, the frogs croaked and crickets chirped. It was pure innocence in our big land.”

So begins the heart-rending tale of Seng Ty, and his experiences growing up in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge uprising. The youngest of 11 children, his life would be forever changed by the ruthless armies of the communist regime which sought to create an agrarian utopia through Maoist principles, mercilessly slaughtering and starving millions of Cambodians along the way.

Appearing under the guise of peace with claims of “saving” the people, the Khmer Rouge forced families from their homes in the cities into the countryside to cultivate the rice fields. But it doesn’t take long for the new government to reveal its true colors, and for the people to witness the brutal nature of their captors. 

In this chilling first hand account, Seng Ty describes the inconceivable horrors that were thrust upon him at an early age at the hand of the Khmer Rouge, including forced labor, extreme starvation, the witnessing of brutal and violent executions, and the loss of his loved ones. Through it all, he shows superhuman courage, drawing strength from the memory and enduring words of his mother. Driven by his parents desire for a better future for him, he manages to withstand, again and again, the most harrowing of experiences and fights against all odds to survive.
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The white prisoner: Galabin Boevski’s secret story by Ognian Georgiev


Olympic Gold Medalist and 1999 Athlete of the Year, Galabin Boevski’s career was fraught with difficulties and trials from the very beginning. As a young boy growing up in Pleven, Bulgaria, Boevski’s dream was to become a professional football player. His small size, however, would prevent this dream from becoming a reality, and it was only by a chance encounter that the future champion was introduced to the sport of weightlifting.

The struggles continue throughout his training career and competitions, where the cut-throat politics and corrupt hierarchy in the sport lead to multiple accusations of doping that prevent him from competing against his well-matched (and well-sponsored) competitors.

But still Boevski manages to rise above the challenges, winning Athlete of the Year in 1999, as well as receiving the titles of World Champion and European Champion multiple times over. In the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, on an injured knee, Boevski wins the gold medal in the lightweight class.

In October 2011, Boevski was arrested at an airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after being caught with 9 kilos of cocaine in his suitcase. His career is forever marred by the unfortunate event, which he and his family vehemently insist as being a setup, and he serves several years in a special prison for foreigners in Itai before being released on ‘expulsao’.
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