The white prisoner: Galabin Boevski’s secret story by Ognian Georgiev


Olympic Gold Medalist and 1999 Athlete of the Year, Galabin Boevski’s career was fraught with difficulties and trials from the very beginning. As a young boy growing up in Pleven, Bulgaria, Boevski’s dream was to become a professional football player. His small size, however, would prevent this dream from becoming a reality, and it was only by a chance encounter that the future champion was introduced to the sport of weightlifting.

The struggles continue throughout his training career and competitions, where the cut-throat politics and corrupt hierarchy in the sport lead to multiple accusations of doping that prevent him from competing against his well-matched (and well-sponsored) competitors.

But still Boevski manages to rise above the challenges, winning Athlete of the Year in 1999, as well as receiving the titles of World Champion and European Champion multiple times over. In the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, on an injured knee, Boevski wins the gold medal in the lightweight class.

In October 2011, Boevski was arrested at an airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after being caught with 9 kilos of cocaine in his suitcase. His career is forever marred by the unfortunate event, which he and his family vehemently insist as being a setup, and he serves several years in a special prison for foreigners in Itai before being released on ‘expulsao’.

The White Prisoner follows the tragic yet inspirational story of Bulgaria’s beloved weightlifting champion Galabin Boevski and his rise to fame. Author Ognian Georgiev offers a rare, insider’s view into the cut-throat sport of weightlifting, exposing the challenges that it’s competitors face on a daily basis, and the amount of fierce devotion and love of sport it takes to reach the top. Well written and engaging, this biography reads more like a fast-paced thriller and you will be hard-pressed to put it down once you begin reading. Though I’m not a follower of the weightlifting sport, I found Galabin Boevski’s story inspiring, and thoroughly enjoyed this book. Highly recommended!

I have received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

About the author:

Ognian Georgiev is a sport journalist, who is currently working as sports editor at the “Bulgaria Today” daily newspaper. He covered the Summer Olympics in Beijing 2008 and in London 2012.

The author of the book “The white prisoner – Galabin Boevski’s secret story” specializes in sports politics, investigations and coverage of Olympic sports events.

Ognian Georgiev works as a TV broadcaster for Eurosport Bulgaria, Nova Broadcasting group, TV+, F+ and TV7. He is a commentator for fight sports events such as boxing/kickboxing and MMA.

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