The Seven Step Guide To Authorpreneurship by Rochelle Carter


Are you ready to make the leap from “Writer” to “Author”, but aren’t sure how go about it?

In The Seven Step Guide to Authorpreneurship, CEO and Publisher Rochelle Carter takes you through the seven major steps to write, polish, and market your book into success. Drawing on her own experiences as an authorpreneur, she lays out a simple, yet effective, strategy to help authors start off on the right foot in their publishing career, while avoiding costly (and embarrassing) mistakes.

In the book, Carter defines an authorpreneur as “an author who is not just creative but also a business person who works for him- or herself”. Note the inclusion of the word “work”- just because you get to write in your pajamas doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some extra effort to get things going! As the author states, “the only way to get your book noticed the way you want is to invest in yourself by becoming an authorpreneur. Fortunately, she has simplified the process down to it’s bare bones, creating a plan that anyone can follow. Acting as an effective guide, she takes the reader by the hand and helps them through the murky and intimidating world of editing and publishing. Continue reading “The Seven Step Guide To Authorpreneurship by Rochelle Carter”

Triathletes in Motion by Marc Evans, Jane Cappaert, Kevin Bigley

18764464ebq5starAre you ready to take your training to the next level?

Triathletes in Motion is the ultimate guide to improving you athletic performance. With a strong focus on individualization, Marc Evans takes you through a series of tests and exercises to evaluate your movement, stability, and technique, and offers corrective exercises to improve your areas of weakness. Continue reading “Triathletes in Motion by Marc Evans, Jane Cappaert, Kevin Bigley”

Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Life by Georgia Pellegrini



Modern Pioneering. It almost sounds like an oxymoron. But with the rapidly rising costs of living and the increasing reality of chemically-tainted foods, it seems society is beginning to come full-circle as more and more people wake up to the benefits of a back-to-the-basics lifestyle.

In this book author Georgia Pellegrini explores the old ways of doing things – from good old country know-how to the DIY grit of times gone by – all with a modern flare. As the author so beautifully puts it- “This is your guide for how to do more with less, to delight in your little patch of garden behind your home, and enjoy life in the process. Continue reading “Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Life by Georgia Pellegrini”

The Boy Who Ran by Michael Selden

ebq4star “To the people in the village, he was an unexceptional-looking boy, neither especially tall nor obviously talented. Few paid much attention to him if they thought of him at all. But the boy could move through the forest in a way that seemed almost magical -and he could run very, very fast.”

When marauders attacked his village, the boy’s dying mother brought him to the edge of the forest and told him to run. She knew that if he could only get away, he might survive. And so the boy ran for days- until he was found by a member of another tribe who brought the boy to live with them.

Though they feed him and provide him with shelter, the villagers do not accept him as one of their own. They refer to him simply as “the boy”, and take little notice of him. And so he spends most of his time in the forest with the animals, where he feels the most at home.

But as the boy begins to watch the people from afar, a struggle begins to emerge in his heart. Is he one of the animals, or one of the people? He knows he must make a choice, and that it will forever change who he is.  Continue reading “The Boy Who Ran by Michael Selden”

A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas


You’ve read about Harmony in Jodi Thomas’ previous novels, now learn the story of how it all began…

Harmon Ely wanted to build a town. After 10 years of running his trading post, he figured it was about time for some company, so he placed an ad looking for workers, promising 40 acres and a house for anyone who will stay for two years to help build the town.

Haunted by a troubled past, Clint Truman spends his days in the saloon where he drinks away his bitter memories. Once a soldier in Terry’s Texas Rangers, he’s better known now for being little more than a drunk brawler. After losing everything that ever mattered to him, life has left him hardened and angry. With his life spiraling out of control, it seems his options are running low, so when Clint’s offered a job to haul supplies and defend a new town in Texas, he knows he has to go. There’s just one catch- he needs to bring a bride. Continue reading “A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas”

October Giveaway – Enter to win a copy of The Glory Of Heaven by Betty Malz

– October Giveaway –

Enter to win a copy of The Glory Of Heaven

by Betty Malz


Treasured Glimpses of Our True Home

Miraculous stories of people visiting heaven abound–but what do those stories mean for you? And what do they tell us about this bright and glorious place? With warmth and insight, beloved author Betty Malz explores the wonders we will encounter in our final destination. Using Scripture and drawing from personal, firsthand experiences, she helps you answer questions such as:

· Will I recognize and reunite with my loved ones?
· Where is heaven located?
· What kind of body will I have?
· Will I be free from grief, pain and loneliness?
· What will we do up there all that time?

When the things of this world get you down, let these pages turn your eyes to heaven and the Father who is waiting for you there. Experience a taste of the sweet joy you will encounter when you, too, walk through those glorious gates.
Continue reading “October Giveaway – Enter to win a copy of The Glory Of Heaven by Betty Malz”