The Boy Who Ran by Michael Selden

ebq4star “To the people in the village, he was an unexceptional-looking boy, neither especially tall nor obviously talented. Few paid much attention to him if they thought of him at all. But the boy could move through the forest in a way that seemed almost magical -and he could run very, very fast.”

When marauders attacked his village, the boy’s dying mother brought him to the edge of the forest and told him to run. She knew that if he could only get away, he might survive. And so the boy ran for days- until he was found by a member of another tribe who brought the boy to live with them.

Though they feed him and provide him with shelter, the villagers do not accept him as one of their own. They refer to him simply as “the boy”, and take little notice of him. And so he spends most of his time in the forest with the animals, where he feels the most at home.

But as the boy begins to watch the people from afar, a struggle begins to emerge in his heart. Is he one of the animals, or one of the people? He knows he must make a choice, and that it will forever change who he is. 

Set six thousand years ago in the mid-archaic period of North America, The Boy Who Ran offers readers a fascinating glimpse into the everyday life of Native Americans in this period in history. It follows the story of a young orphan boy as he struggles with his own identity and finding a place to belong, a topic surely relatable to young / Middle Grade readers, also dealing with issues such as acceptance, kindness, bullying, and forgiveness. Michael Selden masterfully blends facts, history, and a riveting plot in this tale of a brave young boy who must choose where he belongs. Highly recommended!

Rating: 4 stars

I have received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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About this author:

Michael Selden has lived all around the world and has been an eyewitness to numerous historical events such as the building of the Berlin Wall. His father was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Mike was graduated from St. Mary’s High School, Colorado Springs Colorado and later earned a degree in physics from the University of Florida.

He has worked as a research physicist, program manager, and principal investigator on numerous scientific and engineering efforts his career. He first developed technologies and techniques that helped expand our understanding of the earth and the earth-moon system and to validate the relativity principle of equivalence.

Later, he led a number of advanced research and development efforts for key technologies and systems for the department of defense. Clients included NASA, ASI (The Italian Space Agency), the Japanese Space Agency, the Department of Defense, and the military. He also led two major efforts for DARPA, the Department of Defense’s advanced technology and systems development agency.

Besides his work in physics and the publications in technical journals, he has always had a keen interest in literature, particularly fiction, and he began writing short stories when he was twelve years old.

Having achieved the goals he set for himself in science and technology, Michael retired from his first career to pursue his other passion, writing, turning what had been a life-long avocation into a full-time pursuit.

In July 2013, Michael moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Woodland Park, Colorado, returning to the region where he went to high school, to write and publish books.

When he is not writing, reading or staying abreast of the latest developments in the world of physics, he likes to travel and hike, cook, and ride motorcycles, meet up with friends. He is learning how to fly-fish and hunt.

Learn more by visiting his website at

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