Deadly Ruse by E. Michael Helms


ebq4starMac McClellan returns in another action-packed mystery full of intrigue and suspense…

Kate Bell is taken by surprise by a ghost from her past- literally. While leaving the theater on a date with Mac, she is convinced she has seen her former boyfriend, Wes. The only problem is, he died twelve years ago in a boating accident.

Or did he? The more Mac investigates, the more the story begins to stink, and he soon finds himself embroiled in a maze of deception of epic proportions. Who exactly was Wes Harrison? Kate soon learns that he was not the man she thought she knew, and when they find a large bag of diamonds in Wes’ belongings, Mac knows they’re in way over their heads. He calls on the aid of Kate’s uncle, a private eye who takes Mac under his wing as a PI in training and helps him find the answers he needs. Continue reading “Deadly Ruse by E. Michael Helms”

Author Guest Post: Melissa Wolff

M Wolff

We are thrilled and honored to have Award-Winning YA author Melissa M. Wolff share her thoughts with us in a special guest post today. You may recognize her from her previous works such as Sharpie Messages: The Writing on the Wall, Fated, On the Shattered Path, or her most recent novel Three Little Lies which has received glowing reviews from fans of Young Adult fiction and Suspense alike (learn more and pick up a copy today on amazon HERE).

I’ll be honest, I’m not used to doing guest posts. In fact, I think this is only the second guest post that I’ve done in my short career as an author. It’s so weird, still, to consider myself an author even though I’ve been one for six years. I’ve written four books and am working on the fifth and sixth book. Yet, I still find it crazy that I’m an author. Continue reading “Author Guest Post: Melissa Wolff”