Thrive: Surviving In a Corporate Jungle by Mark Barnes


Think corporate life is boring? Thinkebq4star again!

In this refreshingly unique book, Mark Barnes takes a humorous look at the inner goings-on of the corporate world, offering insightful views and helpful advice with a light-hearted approach.

With the aid of wonderfully illustrative (not to mention funny) artwork by Greg Clifton, Barnes takes you through the ins-and-outs of the corporate jungle, demystifying it all through the use of his brilliant analogies.

In Thrive, you will learn about the different animals, laws (or lack thereof), and ecosystems that all have their place in the corporate jungle- and how to use them to your advantage. Through this book you will learn how to explore, survive, and then thrive in this beautiful, yet dangerous, place; things like utilizing ant colonies (delegating), charming the snakes, and using the grapevine to gather information. But most of all, you will laugh at the dry wit and punchy imagery that sheds light on the “boring” world of corporate life in a most unusual way. 

When I was invited by the author to review this book, I was promised it was “something different”. Well, Barnes delivered, and I’m sure if you’d give the book a try for yourself you’d agree. Short (131 p.), unique, and wonderfully entertaining, Thrive is a must-read for anyone who feels trapped in their jobs and need a breath of fresh air. As the author puts it:

“Corporate life is not for everyone, but if you do decide to give it a go I truly hope you enjoy it. If imagining that your boss is an ape can bring a smile to your face, this may be just enough to stop a bad bout of early-onset corporate dullness disease.”

 Rating: 4 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author:

Mark Barnes, born and bred in Scotland, is not your average author. After 20 years of working in companies large and small around the globe, Mark decided to throw away all the text books, top tips, reference manuals and other corporate nonsense and try something a little bit different.

His first book, Thrive – Surviving in a Corporate Jungle started as a personal project to capture the seeming insanity you experience when working with large corporates, particularly financial institutions in a light-hearted way.

He is a technology geek and big thinker who is not afraid to challenge assumptions and is fascinated by office politics. His motto is Think Different, Why Not?

You can learn more by visiting his website:



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