The Conscious Leader: Nine Principles and Practices to Create a Wide-Awake and Productive Workplace by Shelley Reciniello

Corporate psychologist Shelley Reciniello reveals the top nine most important psychological issues that undermine companies and leadership today.

What are the most common causes behind failed leadership?

What hinders talented employees from reaching their fullest potential?

More often than not, the root cause behind these issues exists beneath the surface as individual underlying psychological issues that “unconsciously” lead to problems in the company.

The Conscious Leader offers a fascinating look into the psychology of good (as well as bad) leadership. Shelley Reciniello examines these issues with a Freudian approach, sharing unique insight and experiences from her career as a Corporate Psychologist through amusing anecdotes and real-life examples.
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Featured Book: I Will Never Forget by Elaine Pereira


I will Never Forget, An Amazon Best Selling Book

    I Will Never Forget: A Daughter’s Story of her Mother’s Arduous and Humorous Journey through Dementia.

    It is painfully difficult to watch loved ones decline as dementia ravages their mind, destroying memories, rational thinking, and judgment. In her touching memoir, I Will Never Forget, Elaine Pereira shares the heartbreaking and humorous story of her mother’s incredible journey through dementia. Pereira begins with entertaining glimpses into her own childhood and feisty teenage years, demonstrating her mother’s strength of character. Years later, as Betty Ward started to exhibit bizarre behaviors and paranoia, Pereira was mystified by her mom’s amazing ability to mask the truth. Not until a revealing incident over an innocuous drapery rod did Pereira recognize the extent of her mother’s Alzheimer’s. As their roles shifted and a new paradigm emerged, Pereira transformed into a caregiver, blindly navigating dementia’s unpredictable haze. But before Betty’s passing, she orchestrated a stunning rally to control her own destiny via a masterful, Houdini-like escape.

    I Will Never Forget is a powerful heartwarming story that helps others know that they are not alone in their journey.
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Three Little Lies by Melissa Wolff


Amber’s life is out of control. After the inexplicable disappearance of her best friend Madison, she lashes out in anger, taking up drinking, smoking, and stealing. 

With her life in a downward spiral, Amber is sent to Virginia to live with her sister Rebecca in the hopes that she will settle down. Only, spending her days waiting tables in her sister’s diner is not how Amber had planned to spend her summer. She’s determined to find out what happened to her friend, following the trail of clues left behind in Madison’s diary.

Ethan Hunter is a quiet, shy boy without many friends. At 16 years old, his dad is the only family he has left, after his mother and sister were killed in a tragic boating accident. When he meets Amber, he is able to see past her rough exterior to the caring person she really is, and the two soon become friends.

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Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus: A Holy Land Devotional by Charles H. Dyer


Follow in the footsteps of Jesusebq5st through the land of Israel with this wonderful devotional by Charles H. Dyer…

“See that single, rounded hill off in the distance? That’s Mount Tabor, the hill where Deborah and Barak routed the forces of Sisera. And the ridge directly in front of us is the Nazareth Ridge. Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth is located on top.”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the holy sites of Israel? To walk where Jesus once walked, and to see the very places where He performed the miracles we read about in the Bible?

Thirty Days In The Land With Jesus is a 30 day devotional that digs deeply into the Word of God by exploring the places and people we read about in the New Testament. The locations in the scriptures will come alive to you as never before as Dyer vividly describes the sights, sounds, and smells of some of the most significant areas in Israel in the days of Jesus. Offering wonderful insight into the traditions and culture of those days, you will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the miracles and works of Jesus Christ during his ministry in the land.
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