How Teddy Took Panama by David Adamson Harper


Former Rough Rider and veteran of the Spanish-American war, Jack Quinn has been sent on a top-secret mission to Colombia-controlled Panama in order to secure a deal for the United States to build a trans-oceanic canal through the isthmus of Panama.

With the senate in favor of Nicaraguan canal, and the Colombian president demanding a higher price for the treaty, there is but one option left in the eyes of President Roosevelt- support the Panamanian rebels in their efforts to secede from Colombia to become their own independent country, in exchange for the rights to build the Panamanian canal.

Fraught with danger and diplomatic challenges, Quinn’s very life depends on the success of his plans, and matters are made only worse as he finds himself falling in love with the alluring wife of Colonel Ochoa, a staunch Colombian loyalist. Can he manage to secure a deal with the Panamanians peacefully, or will he be responsible for igniting a bloody civil war?
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March Giveaway – How Teddy Took Panama

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Scotch Rising (Markinch #1) by S. J. Garland


Captain Clyde-Dalton is a broken man. Mourning the loss of his wife and unborn child, his only wish is to receive a dishonorable discharge from the British Military and disappear into the world.

Instead, he is ordered to Scotland as a spy -under the guise of excise tax collector on Scotch whisky; his duty, to keep a finger on the pulse of the people of Markinch and remain alert to any hints of unrest or talk of defection from the British throne.

Upon arriving, Dalton learns of the unfortunate demise of his predecessor, an apparent suicide, though the evidence does not quite add up. What’s more, the man has left behind a journal encrypted in a strange code that Dalton is determined to crack. But with each new discovery comes added danger, and time is running out for him to solve this mystery as Dalton’s life, and the lives of the people of Markinch, hang in the balance. Continue reading “Scotch Rising (Markinch #1) by S. J. Garland”

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training by Pamela S. Dennison


ebq5stThis book completely changed the way I think about dogs.

Let me begin by saying that prior to this book, I was training (and I use that word very loosely) my dogs with the traditional punishment-based techniques. My dog at the time, a gentle Malamute/Siberian/Wolf mix was, as I was told, stubborn and disobedient (do you ever wish you could go back in time and kick yourself for being so stupid???). Also, because of his wolf breeding, I was told I needed to be the “alpha” or else he would become assertive over me and possibly aggressive. Continue reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training by Pamela S. Dennison”

35 Dog Training Mistakes: Mistakes You Are Probably Doing and How to Avoid Them by James Goodman



Do you have a hard time communicating with your dog?

Does your dog seem “willful” and “stubborn” at times?

Many behavior issues in dogs often occur because of a breakdown in communication between dog and handler. In this book, James Goodman outlines the basic principles of effective dog training, including common mistakes pet owners make in training and interacting with their dogs and how you can avoid them.

Short (53 p) and to the point, this book won’t waste your time with jargon and anecdotes, but instead gives you a clear understanding of what truly works when it comes to training your dog, as well as things you can start doing (or stop doing) right away to see immediate improvements in your dog’s behavior.
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