How Teddy Took Panama by David Adamson Harper


Former Rough Rider and veteran of the Spanish-American war, Jack Quinn has been sent on a top-secret mission to Colombia-controlled Panama in order to secure a deal for the United States to build a trans-oceanic canal through the isthmus of Panama.

With the senate in favor of Nicaraguan canal, and the Colombian president demanding a higher price for the treaty, there is but one option left in the eyes of President Roosevelt- support the Panamanian rebels in their efforts to secede from Colombia to become their own independent country, in exchange for the rights to build the Panamanian canal.

Fraught with danger and diplomatic challenges, Quinn’s very life depends on the success of his plans, and matters are made only worse as he finds himself falling in love with the alluring wife of Colonel Ochoa, a staunch Colombian loyalist. Can he manage to secure a deal with the Panamanians peacefully, or will he be responsible for igniting a bloody civil war?

While little is known about the exact role of the United States in the Panamanian rebellion, Harper explains there is much evidence that the involvement was much greater than most would believe. His take on this story, while not documented fact, remains entirely plausible, and nonetheless entertaining to read. Full of suspense, vivid descriptions of the Panamanian landscape and culture, as well as a fiery-hot romance, How Teddy Took Panama is a gripping read that fans of historical fiction will enjoy.

Rating: 3.5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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About the author:

During his first tour in Panama the author observed close-up, the bloody riots against American sovereignty over the Canal Zone. He studied the history of the original treaty and was astonished to learn how the Panamanians had been cheated by a Frenchman, Philippe Bunau-Varilla, out of their sovereign territory to the benefit of the USA. He spoke in favor of the new treaties for the State Department. After the Torrijos/Carter treaties were agreed he was appointed the United States Consular Agent in Colon, Panama. He held this post for four years before he was transferred to India.

David Adamson Harper has written a number magazine articles on historical subjects as well as on his other area of expertise, the sport of rugby football. He graduated from the HMS Worcester Naval College in England and spent his early years in the Navy.

In 2012 the author published his first novel, KWANGCHOW – Freddy Everard on the China Seas, a Roman à clef novel about his early days as a young deck officer on the China Seas. It is available on Amazon’ Kindle and other eBook retailers.

More information and reviews can be found on the authors website:

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