The Name Quest: Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better by John Avery


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Have you ever stopped and meditated on the names of God? Yahweh shalom. Wonderful Counselor. Bread of Life. LORD of hosts. Righteous Judge. Just what exactly do these names mean- and more importantly, what do they tell us about who God is?

In The Name Quest, pastor and author John Avery takes readers on a fascinating journey through the names of God, using profound word studies and wonderful scriptural insight that give a deeper understanding of God’s character and His word.

Full of wonderful analogies and anecdotes, this exhaustive resource is anything but dry. Rather, it inspires readers to take a deeper look at the love, grace, and righteousness of God revealed through His names- and how our understanding of who He is can transform our lives and our relationship with Him.
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Author Guest Post: Heather B. Moon

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Heather B. Moon

My Cyberspace Friends


    It all happened just over two years ago. My first children’s adventure story ‘Tillie and the Golden Phantom’ had been accepted by Fountain Blue Publishers in California. I was excited and thrilled that it was to be published in the traditional way with a great supportive crew behind me. Melanie Fountain, the owner of Fountain Blue, was very approachable and accommodating with my ideas during the publication process.

Melanie always has a high profile on all social media to offer support to her authors at Fountain Blue. It was around the same time that she offered an online ‘fun day’ for writers which I enthusiastically signed up for. I live in the UK so there is an eight hour time difference but this didn’t affect the fun and games we had completing writing exercises and author platform activities throughout the day. This is where I first encountered some of my author friends. We had such fun being creative, really enjoying the games and the interaction with one another.

    Suddenly catastrophe struck! Melanie was hosting the course from her place in California and in the distance she could see a raging bush fire approaching with gusto. For the next few hours we were updated.  The fire was getting closer and closer. Just then she had to leave us while she dealt with the emergency. I can’t remember now how long she was off line but it seemed like an eternity.
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Author Guest Post: Steven Donahue


Eight Things Every Writer Has to Face

So, you want to be a writer?

Congratulations. This is a noble profession, with a long and prestigious history. You will be joining a society that includes William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, and other notable scribes.

However, this is also an undertaking that is not for the faint of heart. Simply put, you need to have a thick skin if you want to survive.  

Every profession has its challenges, and this one is no different. What makes these challenges unique is that writers face them alone. Even if you have a writing partner, the act of writing remains a solo endeavor. It takes a certain kind of person, one with drive, concentration, attention to detail and the ability to follow through, to sit down in front of a computer screen (or typewriter, if you are old-school) and create words that someone will hopefully read.

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March Giveaway Winner Annouced!

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Congratulations to our March Giveaway winner:

Dawn S. of Bremerton, WA!

You will be receiving a signed copy of How Teddy Took Panama by David Adamson Harper

in the mail shortly!

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One True Heart (Harmony #8) by Jodi Thomas


After a severe injury to her leg ends her career in the military, Captain Millanie McAllen makes her way back to her hometown of Harmony, Texas.

With little plans for her future, all she wants is to relax and allow her wounds to heal -but when she meets a mysterious man at airport who offers her a lift back to Harmony, she finds her plans beginning to take a surprising turn.

Drew Cunningham is a reclusive man with a secret. As a teacher and buries himself in his research in an attempt to hide from his past- until he meets Millanie. Drawn by an inexplicable attraction, he hopes she will be the one to bring much-needed healing to his life.

But a mysterious threat lurks in the peaceful town of Harmony, and Millanie has been charged by the government to root it out before it’s too late. The problem? The evidence may lead her straight to the people she thought she could trust the most…
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