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Heather B. Moon

My Cyberspace Friends


    It all happened just over two years ago. My first children’s adventure story ‘Tillie and the Golden Phantom’ had been accepted by Fountain Blue Publishers in California. I was excited and thrilled that it was to be published in the traditional way with a great supportive crew behind me. Melanie Fountain, the owner of Fountain Blue, was very approachable and accommodating with my ideas during the publication process.

Melanie always has a high profile on all social media to offer support to her authors at Fountain Blue. It was around the same time that she offered an online ‘fun day’ for writers which I enthusiastically signed up for. I live in the UK so there is an eight hour time difference but this didn’t affect the fun and games we had completing writing exercises and author platform activities throughout the day. This is where I first encountered some of my author friends. We had such fun being creative, really enjoying the games and the interaction with one another.

    Suddenly catastrophe struck! Melanie was hosting the course from her place in California and in the distance she could see a raging bush fire approaching with gusto. For the next few hours we were updated.  The fire was getting closer and closer. Just then she had to leave us while she dealt with the emergency. I can’t remember now how long she was off line but it seemed like an eternity.

    At last Melanie returned and the fire fortunately by-passed her place. She bid us all goodnight and we could sleep in peace. The next day she suggested that we form our own secret writers’ group on Facebook and came up with the appropriate name of ‘Writers on Fire’! From that day on, we all keep in touch. We share writing ideas and support each other by sharing and caring about our books. We have the odd rant to get things off our chest now and again and we bid each other good night from across the globe. I feel I have met my cyber friends in person. Maybe one day I will.

    There is so much more about being an author now that we have social media. It is great to connect with readers and other authors.

    May I introduce you to some of my cyberspace author friends?


Sharon C. Williams Capture

Sharon C. Williams is a native of New England, raised in Northern Maine. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son.

Sharon has a B.S. degree in Chemistry. She is a freelance writer and photographer and also a budding bird watcher. She is a huge sports fan of baseball, basketball, hockey, and football.

Two of her short stories were published in the anthology, “Cassandra’s Roadhouse” and two short stories in the book “Dragon in the Attic.” Her children’s book, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure,” was published in 2013. Volume two will be release sometimes in the fall of 2015.  Sharon’s book “Squirrel Mafia” was published in March, 2015. Her anthology of short stories will be released in the upcoming months. .

She says she is owned by a flock of eight birds. One of her favourite birds is Jasper, the Amazon parrot. When Sharon requested a large oil painting of Jasper to accompany her on book signings and presentations I was more than happy to oblige.

You can learn more about this author and her books by visiting


CaptureLauren Boehm Lynch

Lauren Boehm Lynch is a retired nurse. She has left the city life for the country, and now lives on The Broken Road Farm with her husband Tim and their many animals. Lauren also writes a column called The Farmer’s Wife and also has a website about their lives on the farm. The farm keeps them busy, and her love of writing flourishes there. Living on a farm and having numerous animals and grandchildren always provides a new adventure and stories to tell!

    I really do not know where Lauren gets her bounding energy from. She has published children’s story books and recipe books. She really does cook those mouth-watering dishes and posts pictures of them on social media to tempt us all. This month she has held a reading and book signing event in Texas. She is always supportive of all her author friends and writes reviews on Goodreads and Amazon etc. What an inspiration Lauren is to us all.

You can follow on Facebook:


June Burgo Capture

  June Bourgo was born and educated in Montreal, Quebec. She now lives in the British Columbia Interior surrounded by ranch lands, with her artist/writer husband and two head of cat; Marbles, a calico diva and Picasso, a subservient tabby.  Between them, they have three adult children, and nine grandchildren. Her writing is inspired by the natural raw beauty that surrounds their home and a trout stream running through their property.

  Her writing began with magazine articles for a single-parenting magazine, and writing historical copy. Her love of novel writing grew from there. Her debut novel, Winter’s Captive, released October 2014, is inspired loosely by her survival and lessons learned from an abusive relationship. Chasing Georgia, to be released in the spring of 2015, is Book 2 of the Georgia Series,continuing the journey of Georgia Charles. Currently, June is working on A Missing Thread, Book 3 of this trilogy.


CaptureSandra J. Jackson

Sandra J. Jackson was born in Montreal, Quebec. She now resides with her husband of 23 years and two young adult children in a rural setting in Eastern Ontario.

Being creative has always been her passion, creating works of art for her family and friends. Her children, however, brought out the storyteller inside when Sandra told them bedtime stories.

Eventually, the stories faded but Sandra’s desire to write blossomed. Fed by her personal experiences, she began writing. As she wrote, her confidence grew and so did her courage. Sandra began sharing her ideas, even volunteering to write articles for her son’s hockey team for publication in the local paper.

With several stories in various stages of completion, Sandra made a decision. Armed with her experience of traveling to the east coast, her wholehearted belief in soulmates and the draw she has always felt for the UK, Promised Soul was born.


Claire Gager author1

Claire Gager is a southern California based author. Born, educated, and ongoing resident of the Golden State, she lives with her husband and two autistic sons. She is a trained counselor and public administrator, and currently directs a federal program at a university. Her writing began in 2012 with two self-published novels, and from there her love for writing flourished. Claire, being a woman of faith and a trained counselor, combines these skills together in her tremendous ability to weave spiritual fiction stories in The Last Prophet series where her characters struggle, fail, and triumph. She has three published novels in her book series, The Last Prophet: Guarding Sophia, Book 1; Michael’s Mission, Book 2; and Raphael’s Journey, Book 3, and is under contract for a fourth and fifth book. Currently, the author is working on Uriel’s Light, Book 4, and Raziel’s Revelation, Book 5.

Twitter @claire_gager


Felita Daniels PhotoFelita Daniels

Felita Daniels runs Lilac Reviews, a book blog that also carries author interviews and guest posts. We love posts about the craft and the business of writing.

Her current non-fiction project is a book for a workshop this summer. East Tennessee Creative Writers Alliance is sponsoring her talk on “REVIEWS: How to Get Them and What to Do With Them.” The book will also be available on Amazon. Target release date is June 13th.

Felita’s mystery book, The Case of the Sad Sons, will be out this year also. 




Heather B. Moon was born in Royton, Lancashire. She qualified as a Primary teacher at Mather College of Education, Manchester.  Heather is married with two grown up children and two beautiful grandchildren.

After teaching for some time in the Oldham area, Heather and her husband Ian acquired their own school in the north of England. She now spends her at her villa in Lanzarote and walking the South West coast path close to her home in Cornwall.

Heather has written and illustrated a series of children’s adventure books. Tillie’s Adventures are published by Fountain Blue Publishers.

Many hours of reading stories ‘out loud’ to children in her class has given Heather the experience to know just what holds their attention. She believes a fidgety child at story time is a bored child. The story must keep moving forward and the child should want to turn the page.

She is the author of Tillie and the Golden Phantom, Tillie and the Voodoo Kid, and Tillie and the Weird Christmas Tree.

Tillie’s adventures Available on Amazon:
Tillie and the Weird Christmas Tree
Tillie and the Voodoo Kid          
Tillie and the Golden Phantom 


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