Time Sailors Of Pizzolungo by Scott Abrams, Adam Blockton



Get ready for an incredible adventure back in time!

Guillermo always dreamed of the day he would be old enough to sail with his father, a captain of the famed cargo ship Coraggio, on the open sea. But each year his father tells him the same thing – “You have the heart of a captain, but for now you are too small. Maybe next summer.

Somehow Guillermo keeps his dream alive, until one day the Coraggio sinks in a terrible accident. Without enough money to replace the ship, his father may have to give up sailing, and what’s worse, Guillermo may have to move away from his hometown and his best friends.

Just when it seems all hope is lost, Guillermo receives a mysterious package containing a beautiful model ship with a curious inscription- “Caution: Ship Grows in Water”. Unable to contain his curiosity, Guillermo brings the ship down to the sea. What happens next is beyond explanation, and Guillermo, along with his best friends (and genius little sister, Picola), are thrust into an adventure of a lifetime.

This fantastic book by authors Scott Abrams and Adam Blockton is refreshingly unique and will have young readers (and old ones too!) turning pages at the speed of light. Follow courageous young Guillermo and his rag-tag group of friends as they travel back in time battling pirates, hunting for treasure, and meeting a host of historic figures including Christopher Columbus and King Ferdinand. Full of unforgettable characters and an imaginative, fast-paced plot, this time-traveling adventure is the perfect summertime read for middle graders, and will leave you begging for a sequel (No really, please?). 5 stars all the way!

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About the author

Scott and Adam are childhood friends from Larchmont, New York. They first collaborated artistically as guitarist and drummer in a 7th grade rock band. Scott soon realized he had no musical talent and moved on, but years later they reunited to draft the script for a feature film which was optioned by a Spanish production company. Today Adam writes, produces and stars in an assortment of mainstream and independent comedy projects ranging from the Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’ to ‘NBC’. He’s also a professional songwriter, producing music for artists, television and film, including The Pussycat Dolls, American Idol, and the Ryan Reynolds/Emma Stone film ‘Paper Man’. He even continues to pen the occasional screenplay and science fiction novel when inspiration strikes. He lives with his wife in New York. Scott is a bit of a globetrotter. He’s navigated his way around the world, working, studying and trekking through some 65 diverse countries. Travel is a storyteller’s best friend and, to be sure, he’s picked up and written about an incredible array of stories along the way. The general idea for this book stemmed from a curious experience he had while vacationing in Sicily, just next to Pizzolungo. He lives in Budapest, Hungary with his wife and young daughter.

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