Connecting the Dots: Man, God, Angels, and Demons by Dave Shaw


Have you ever wondered why God, who is all-knowing and all-powerful, chose to create Satan?

Is it possible that, in the grander scheme of things, Satan and his hordes of demons are unknowingly playing a role in God’s great plan for mankind?

In this first book of the Connecting The Dots series, author Dave Shaw tackles a question of the ages- why did God create Satan? Based on sound Biblical doctrine, Shaw takes readers on a journey through creation, the war in heaven, the fall of Satan, and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross. While the Bible doesn’t always give us explicit reasons why, Shaw shows us how we can take what we do know from scripture to “read between the lines” in an attempt to connect the dots.

Shaw explores a wide variety of subjects while attempting to keep the bigger picture of God’s redemptive plan as a focal point. The book offers readers a look at some of the more obtuse, seldom-discussed topics in an attempt to answer some of our deepest questions.

I found this book quite an interesting read. Shaw writes from the heart, unafraid to address even the stickiest of questions, being sure to cover all bases with the solid facts of scripture, and labeling all uncertain ponderings as such (I think, it would seem, etc.). I was especially appreciative of his adamant reiteration of the inerrancy of the Bible.

For sure, the author has approached a tricky subject with this book. Surmising is a slippery slope, you have to be careful when interpreting the in-between messages. You have to use God’s word, and I feel the author did a good job with this for the most part. In particular, I was inspired by the way he shared the messages of salvation -through Christ alone- and of grace, which I found especially powerful. One thing I would have like to see was an equal time given to the alternate view of the Genesis 6 account.

Shaw has a wonderfully poetic way of phrasing things, using vibrant imagery to create a lasting impression for the reader, particularly in the chapter titled “The Tapestry”. Though this book traverses some dark terrain, it is always forward-looking to the culmination of God’s perfect plan, ending with a chapter (my favorite!) titled “The Banquet”, which paints a portrait of the wedding supper of the Lamb, when all believers will be united with Christ forevermore.

An interesting read that will make you think, I would recommend this book to both believers and non-believers who struggle with questions regarding evil and Satan, and where that fits into the big picture of God’s plans.

Rating: 3.5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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About the authorAuthor of Bible based books

I have been writing since I was in high school; mostly poetry, but I also painted in oils up to the age of 20 when life just got too busy. Retiring from being a detail and conceptual designer in many technologies, I transitioned full time to be an enthusiastic author of Bible related books; although full time writing hours have yet to come anywhere near close to the rat race hours of technology.

A 25 year period of Bible study paralleled the last half of my 50 year hands-on technology career.  Now I’m using my highly analytical mind to answer many of the ‘whys’ I’ve encountered while studying the Bible.  I don’t take credit for the answers, as they ‘just come’, and as I have diligently prayed about them, I hope in all sincerity they are inspired.  When I’m not writing, you might find me staring into space.  If you ask, I’ll tell you I’m contemplating; my wife is not so sure.

More of a philosopher than a scholar, I like to delve into the Bible, seeking the Kingdom of God in the seemingly intangible essence that lies between the lines and passages, rather than picking apart each verse like a commentary.  I intend to write on the topics, for which I myself am seeking answers; getting these more from reading the Bible in a focused way rather than actually researching.  I am an engineer; technology is mostly black and white.  When I became a Christian, I believed the Bible in its entirety, and believed that God answers prayers.  It may seem childlike, but I believe God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are real, working together more powerfully than we can imagine, it’s black and white; I’m either all in or all out.  In this childlike faith I would pray when I encountered technical problems for which I had no solutions.  I got the most amazing results that led me to think in a way that provided fantastic solutions.  Now I pray for understanding in spiritual areas, as I did for my technology problems, expecting and getting answers now as I did before.

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