Featured Book: The Sparkle In Her Eyes by Aileen Friedman


The Sparkle in Her Eyes

Plus Six more Short Stories

The devastating disease, Alzheimer’s, that ravaged her mother, left the author, Aileen Friedman, inspired to share her emotional roller-coaster ride. A heartfelt and non-fictional short story told from the depths of her heart also includes humorous encounters with other residents of the home in which her mother spent her remaining days.

Included are six more short stories, all designed to encourage and inspire the reader. From the story about a beautiful but selfish model who loses everything in an accident, to an actress who finds true love on an airplane, and an alcoholic who returns to her hometown for a school reunion.

The reader will also meet a woman whose life is changed when renovating a house, an elderly lady who returns home after sixty years and who is haunted by her past, and a young lady who by discovering a cozy bookstore discovers much more.

Be uplifted by seven wonderful stories, share the author’s tears and happiness, and rejoice in the strength of Jesus as her characters overcome the obstacles placed in their paths.

What readers are saying:

“Love this author, can’t wait for the next book! “ – Amazon reviewer

“Each story has a nugget of truth to touch every life. Many involve extreme loss, of life, of beauty, of family/friends but all offer hope for a bright future. Enjoyed each immensely, am sure the last was the most difficult for the author to write. God bless! “ – Amazon reviewer

To read more reviews of this book or to purchase a copy on Amazon, click HERE.


About the authoraileenfriedman

Aileen Friedman is an accomplished author with four novels behind her name. The first, “Changes From a Sunset” was published in 2012, “When is My Forever” in 2013, “Second is Best” in 2014 and “The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six more Short Stories” in 2015.

Ms Friedman taps into her personal experiences for inspiration, and her work has been very well-received not only in South Africa but throughout the world, for its accessibility and the believable characters she creates.

Having been a dedicated Christian since 1989, and an upstanding member of her community, Ms Friedman’s stories carry a message of hope for all her readers.

Ms Friedman and her husband will be, in the later part of 2015, venturing out on an exciting missionary journey, traveling through Central and South America, carrying God’s word.

In 2013 she won a Kwarts Top Five award for the short story Full Circle which is included in the book The Sparkle in Her Eyes

She has recently finished the screenplay to her first novel Changes From a Sunset, and is currently ghostwriting a novel, as well as doing research on South African woman that served in WWII. Her next novel will mostly be set in this era.

She is also currently writing two series of children’s story books.

From the author: “My husband and I are very soon packing backpacks and will be traveling through Central and South America doing voluntary and missionary work where ever we find a need. We are starting in Colombia. I am sure a lot of stories will be inspired from these travels.
If anyone wants to follow our adventures they can join my website and read all about it there as soon as we get going.”
Ms Friedman, with her Kwarts Top Five award, and celebrity (SA celeb) Lizz Meiring.


You can learn more by visiting her website http://aileenfriedman.co.za

You can also follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


To purchase a copy of The Sparkle In Her Eyes on Amazon, click HERE.

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