Author Guest Post: Yvette Bethel Plus a Giveaway!

unnamed2014 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey reports that 72 percent of the American public are aware of workplace bullying.

Author Yvette Bethel knows she can help individuals successfully learn how to be three steps ahead of the underhanded games people play at work by developing their E.Q. Librium.

I was employed by a Fortune 500 company for about twenty years before I became an independent business consultant at Organizational Soul.  In my role as an employee, I was exposed to many circumstances and I was especially fascinated by the supportive and not so supportive behaviors employees exhibited toward each other – regardless of the level within the organizational hierarchy.  I started creating a list of these not so supportive behaviors. I called the list, “The Games People Play at Work”.

After looking at this list I started to search for a common thread. After extensive research I stumbled onto emotional intelligence, a science that not only explained the behaviors but also provided the practical skills executives, business owners, managers and employees need to build their emotional quotients and improve engagement.

For me this was an exciting, I became an emotional intelligence practitioner, created an interactive emotional intelligence learning solution that employees and employers could use and I became an author of the book E. Q. Librium.

I found that students who are ill equipped to successfully engage the emotional aspects of workplace interactions. The newcomers enter the workforce with ideals of teamwork, collaboration, and opportunities, but many of them encounter contaminated environments that draw them into a web of negativity and stasis. This book will prepare newly recruited college students to successfully navigate the emotional intricacies of diverse office relationships.



My book, E.Q. Librium Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence: A Proven Path to Career Success helps you to develop your ability to use your Emotional Quotient (EQ) to achieve self-regulation in emotionally charged situations. The more you develop your skills to navigate your emotions, the more effective you will be at managing yourself in emotionally charged situations. This book includes inspiring success stories, easy to understand solutions to difficult situations, inspirational quotes, and self-assessment questions. E.Q. Librium is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and my website.



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No purchase necessary to enter the contest.

PRIZES 1 One Winner will each receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash.                    
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PRIZES 3 One Winner will receive a Free Copy of the Getting to E.Q. Librium Activity Book.


Book Excerpt

“Emotionally intelligent employees are better equipped to find E.Q. Librium and navigate change initiatives by managing themselves effectively. Whether they resist planned changes initially, these employees are able to adapt and contribute to a healthy change environment. They are able to adapt because they understand the consequences of their actions. They are able to navigate their emotions and can put themselves into the shoes of the decision makers. They are effective communicators who possess skills that allow them to navigate office politics that surface when change initiatives are announced.”

Excerpt From: Yvette Bethel. “E.Q. Librium.” iBooks.

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