Featured Book: Who Knew Not Joseph by Menachem Mannie Magid

Who Knew Not Joseph
by Menachem Mannie Magid


About the Book

From a village in the Land of Goshen, a brilliant but physically challenged boy named Yoram manages to make his way into the heart of ancient Egypt.

Firsthand, he witnesses the changing culture of the Children of Israel and the different mindsets of the pharaohs who ascend to the throne.

Connecting the dots between the two histories, Yoram lives through the passions and frustrations that prevail as the weaker young nation falls inevitably into subjugation.

This fascinating novel covers the history of the Hebrew nation from its peak of contentment to its descent into slavery.

Through Yoram’s eyes and tribulations, Who Knew Not Joseph presents a real picture of the human side of that first holocaust. It tells how there indeed came a pharaoh who knew not Joseph (Exodus 1:8).



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About the Author Magid Web Pic

Menachem Mannie Magid was born in in 1944 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and immigrated to Houston in 1979. He is a physician with the University of Texas. After piecing together the conclusions of archaeologists and biblical scholars, and then applying his understanding of human behavior, the author built an accurate picture of the personalities and events that transpired as the children of Israel became slaves. He says, “The story is engraved in stones of ancient Egypt. And yet this story has never been told … until now.”

Learn more by visiting www.whoknewnotjoseph.com

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To purchase a copy of Who Knew Not Joseph on Amazon, buy HERE


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