Featured Book: Four Passions: Conversations with Myself by Wallace Peters


Four Passions: Conversations with Myself is a frank account of the psychological pitfalls that many couples encounter after one or both are obliged to retire.

Author Wallace Peters is a widely renowned scientist in his 90s, whose main interest is tropical medicine. In 2007, he and his wife, Ruth, moved into a peaceful retirement village located in the English countryside. Nine months later, Ruth succumbed to cancer. After her death, the author learned that many of the 200 residents in his community, irrespective of their former careers, struggled to find direction in their lives. Hoping to restore their enthusiasm, Wallace set out to describe his and Ruth’s experiences with their positive lifestyle during retirement.

An ever-increasing number of seniors will face an unprecedented long period of living post-retirement. This book offers an optimistic perspective on the challenge of “old age”.

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What readers are saying:

“The memoirs speak honestly about the travails of growing old and the pain of losing his beloved wife. Peters is a humble person of enormous compassion, intelligence, and, in my opinion, unpretentious wisdom. ” 4-Star Amazon review

About the author:

Londoner Wallace Peters, King Faisal International Prize laureate, Medicine 1983, resides at Berkhamsted Castle Retirement Village, Hertfordshire.

He has published three books on medical and entomological topics; was senior author with two different co-authors of Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (six editions); and co-editor of four books on malaria and leishmaniasis.

Other honours include Dr.h.c. (Uni. Paris 5) 1992; Distinguished Parasitologist of the Year 2010 (Wld Fed Parasitologists); WHO’s WHO in the World (from 2013 onwards); Dictionary Internat. Biog. (from 37th edn 2014.)

You can learn more about Wallace Peters and his book Four Passions by visiting http://sbpra.com/wallacepeters/ or http://wallacepeters1924.wordpress.org/


To purchase your own copy of Four Passions on Amazon.com, buy HERE

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