Featured Book: Passionate Crusaders by Heather Voight

Passionate Crusaders Cover LARGE EBOOKPassionate Crusaders tells the gripping story of a few righteous Americans who sought to do what many thought impossible in 1944—save Jews who had not yet been murdered in the Holocaust.

By January 1944, Treasury Department officials Henry Morgenthau, John Pehle, and Josiah DuBois had already convinced President Franklin Roosevelt to create the War Refugee Board, an agency with the authority to provide rescue and relief for Jews and other groups persecuted by the Nazis.

Scholars have criticized the Board for its inability to save more Jews and maintained that the agency should have been created sooner. Heather Voight’s groundbreaking research proves that despite its shortcomings, the War Refugee Board changed history and forever altered American foreign policy. Its creation ended the cycle of indifference that the government and the American public had shown to victims of the Holocaust. In the words of Henry Morgenthau, from 1944-1945 “crusaders, passionately persuaded of the need for speed and action” risked their reputations and sometimes their lives to save Jews.

In addition to saving more than 100,000 lives, Board members also made a lasting impact on international law. They pressured the War Crimes Commission to broaden its definition of war crimes by including the murder of civilians by their own countrymen. This new definition of war crimes was applied to genocides committed many decades later in Bosnia and Rwanda, and continues to be used today.

“[Passionate Crusaders] shows that the efforts of an honorable and courageous few can create small steps to change history. This detailed, well-told, and inspiring story will be of value to students of the Holocaust, American history, and human rights.” –From the Foreword by Dr. Leon Stein, Professor Emeritus of History and Education Director Emeritus, Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

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What readers are saying

“…a thoughtful, well-researched, and accessible chronicle of human efforts to fight back against genocide.” —Midwest Book Review

“An excellent look at the board created to aid in the saving of European Jews during WW2. Whether you are a student of the topic or a reader wanting to understand/learn more, Voight has written an informative, concise and somewhat heart-wrenching saga of the creation of the WRB.— 5-star Goodreads review

Informative book about a little known topic. Ms Voight’s research was thorough and useful to illuminate these war-time years. Thank you, Heather! — 4-star Amazon review

About the Author

Heather Voight

Heather Voight is a successful freelance writer and history blogger. Since 2009, she has published articles on a variety of topics including the Gibson Girl, healthcare, and the writings of C.S. Lewis. She has a B.A. in History and English. She lives in the Chicago area with her rescue dog, Zoey.

You can learn more about Heather Voight and her book Passionate Crusaders by visiting http://heathervoight.com

To purchase your own copy of Passionate Crusaders on Amazon, buy HERE

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