Featured Book: The Boy and the Bottle, Plus a GIVEAWAY!

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Jimmy is on his way to Grandma’s house with an empty milk bottle. What can he do with it along the way?

Jimmy is ready for his first big walk to Grandma’s house. He brings an empty milk bottle with him and discovers there are so many things he can use it for along the way.

Throughout his walk, Jimmy discovers all of the uses for his bottle such as carrying water, filling it with sand to use as a weight, rolling dough at grandmas, and capturing a fire-fly for use as a flashlight.

By the end of the story, Jimmy has collected items such as bread, a balloon, a bouquet of flowers, and of course, a bug.  

This fun story creates an opportunity to motivate the younger generations to think creatively and explore possibilities in their everyday surroundings.


To purchase a copy of The Boy and The Bottle on Amazon, buy HERE

About the Authors

Kendra Vallone Matthews grew up in a creative and fun environment that encouraged her to see the world differently. This thinking landed her a position as a professional golfer on the Futures, California, and Cactus Tours. With an appreciation of education, Kendra studied marketing and communications at USC and realized the path to success was continuing to think “out of the box.” Taking this mentality, she founded a sweets company that earned national recognition on platforms such as Good Morning America. She now resides in San Diego, California with her husband and beautiful son, encouraging him everyday to see the world in full color.

Jim Vallone played professional baseball and golf but is still a kid at heart. His fun outlook on life now guides him down the road to Children’s Books. He is the father of three beautiful daughters: Kendra, Kelly, and Olivia. Jim now lives with his wife, Patti, and step-children, Garret and Trenna, in Villa Park, CA

To purchase a copy of The Boy and The Bottle on Amazon, buy HERE

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