Happy New Year- plus more!

Wishing the very happiest of New Years to all our readers & subscribers!

We’re so grateful for each and every one of you, and your continued support of the Epic Book Quest. 2016 promises to be another wonderful year for the blog, and to start it off right, we have a giveaway in the works! Keep your eyes open for more details, as we’ll be announcing it soon…

Until then, have a safe & Happy New Year!
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Featured Book: Spiritual Disciplines for Today by R. Douglas Wardrop


At your salvation, your spirit was renewed, but your soul and body was not changed.

Spiritual Disciplines are given to us by God. They provide a way of sowing to the Spirit and they help you put off the “old man” and put on the “new man” (see Ephesians 4:22-24). By doing this, you “renew” your soul so it will agree with your renewed spirit. As the saying “means to an end” goes, the Spiritual Disciplines are the “means,” while the “end” is intimacy with God.

By exercising the Spiritual Disciplines, we are helped to mature spiritually and are put in a place where God can work within us to transform us. If we truly want to walk with God, we will exercise the Spiritual Disciplines.

Spiritual Disciplines are for everyone to use and should be a natural part of a Christian’s life, as natural as breathing.
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A Pigeon’s Tale by S. A. Mahan


Walter is no ordinary pigeon. A direct descendant from the great war hero Cher Ami, he knows he is destined for greatness from the moment he flees his coop to escape from a dangerous wild cat. Now in the “wild”, Walter must team up with the more experienced birds to learn how to survive.

As winter fast approaches, Walter must find a human family to care for him- and as luck would have it, he finds the very best human for the job in a young college student named Kenny. But is it luck, or something more?

Traveling home with Kenny for Christmas break, Walter meets grandpa, the famous Sir Alfred Jerome, who seems to have known that Walter would be coming all along. A faithful student under grandpa, Walter learns a great many new things, including the fact that the world is in great peril. But what can a single scientist and a pigeon do about it? And can Walter do anything to help poor Dottie, Kenny’s little sister who is dying from cancer?
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Winners Announced! The Boy and the Bottle by Kendra Matthews

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Congratulations to the winners of our December giveaway!

Sharon K. of Wausau, WI
Carol N. of Warsaw, IN
Gina F. of Chalmette, LA

who each won a copy of

The Boy and the Bottle

by Kendra Vallone Matthews

Thank you to all who entered this giveaway!

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Didn’t win?

You can still purchase a copy of this book from Amazon by clicking HERE

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We’ll be posting another giveaway soon-

so keep checking back!