Featured Book: Seven Days to Goodbye by Sheri S. Levy

23242326After Trina’s beloved dog dies, she swears she’ll never get another one. But then she learns about service dogs, and realizes that if she becomes a Puppy Raiser, she could train puppy after puppy and never worry about them dying. But like all great ideas, this one has a serious flaw: her first service puppy must be returned to his kennel at the end of their week-long summer vacation… and saying goodbye to Sydney is going to be much tougher than she ever imagined.

Trina’s last week with Sydney is made that much harder by her newly strained friendship with her best friend, Sarah, who’s become so over-the-top boy crazy that she’s almost like a stranger. Sarah is determined to have them hang out with every boy at the beach, but when a boy named Chase takes an interest in Sydney and Trina, it puts an even bigger strain on the friendship.

It’s hard enough to deal with loosing Sydney, but now she may lose her best friend, too. And even if she manages to patch things up with Sarah-and figures out what to do about Chase-she still must face a daunting decision: is she strong enough to take on another service puppy?

“Author Sheri S. Levy deftly taps adolescent themes of love, loss and friendship through the added lens of a service dog’s life-changing effects on her young trainer. A fresh twist on the familiar coming-of-age tale. Well done!” — Jennifer Leeper, author, Padre: The Narrowing Path

“Trina’s foray into the world of boys, friendship, and fashion while focusing on the important task of training service dogs strikes just the right balance. This canine-inspired coming-of-age tale is a poignant but fun summertime story.” — Val Muller, author, the Corgi Capers series and The Scarred Letter


To purchase your own copy of this book on Amazon, buy HERE.


What readers are saying…

“Heartwarming and beautiful story…A wonderful story of friendship, love, and growing up, set on the beautiful beaches of South Carolina.” — 5 Star Amazon Review

“This family-friendly tale provides a positive role model for children in a richly entertaining and engaging story. A must-read!.” — 5 Star Amazon Review

“A wonderful & touching book for all ages. Living through those teenage years is a hard time but Sheri Levy has added a twist by including a rescue dog that makes this book a delightful coming of age story.” — 5 Star Amazon Review

“A terrific read whether you are an adult or a child. Sheri Levy is an amazing story teller who is able to deftly tell a story and engage your emotions because you are there or were there emotionally at one time as a teenager.” — 5 Star Amazon Review

“Three cheers for new author Sheri Levy and her poignant account of a young girl and her dog” — 5 Star Amazon Review


About the author…

Sheri S. Levy’s magazine article about a Diabetic Alert dog, Scent with Love, was published in Clubhouse Magazine in July, 2010. This story was nominated for a Maxwell Medallion Award with the Dog Writers Association of America’s competition and received the Special Interest award at their February 2011 awards banquet in New York. As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) Carolinas, Sheri helps coordinate critiques and has written for their regional newsletter and for the Southern Breeze region. In addition to teaching a six-week Creative Writers Club after school hours for elementary students, Sheri also volunteers with an accredited, non-profit service dog kennel, Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services (PAALS). Sheri and her husband have enjoyed many years of married life, and their two children have become remarkable adults; their two grandchildren are very special readers. She has loved five past dogs and now owns two Australian Shepherds. Find out more about Sheri at her website, www.SheriSLevy.com, or Facebook page.

To purchase your own copy of Seven Days To Goodbye on Amazon, buy HERE.

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