Featured Post: Béla’s Letters by Jeff Ingber

29224133Béla’s Letters

by Jeff Ingber

Through personal narrative and letters preserved for decades, Béla’s Letters tells the remarkable story of a large Eastern European family torn apart by war and the Holocaust, the extraordinary circumstances that each family member endures, and the survivors’ struggle to come to terms with the feelings of guilt, hatred, fear, and abandonment that haunt them.

“Béla’s Letters,” a historical fiction novel spanning eight decades, revolves around the remarkable life of Béla Ingber, who was born before the onset of WWI in Munkács, a small city nestled in the Carpathian Mountains. Continue reading “Featured Post: Béla’s Letters by Jeff Ingber”

Featured Book: A Long Walk With Sally by David Clark Jr.

28093841A Long Walk With Sally: A Grieving Father’s Golf Journey Back to Life

by David Clark Jr.

A parent’s worst fear and most unimaginable horror began on April 4, 2004. As his world was torn further apart, David’s only wish was to escape—to walk away—but how could he? How would he ever find the peace he so desperately needed?

On a golf course in Ireland, the answer came. Thus began a ten-year quest, taking David to 290 courses throughout the British Isles. As he was about to leave on his final trip, he looked out the windshield of his car and realized where he would find his peace.
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Alone In The Wind by Judy Bruce


ebq4stEverything seems to be going well for Megan. Her mother, whom she had long believed to be dead, is alive and part of her life again; she just got married to the love of her life; and the law firm her father left her is beginning to take shape under her new leadership.

But just when it seems like things couldn’t get much better, trouble comes to town as a DEA agent claims to be conducting an undercover investigation into the local Meth trade. When some of the local residents begin to lose their lives to the drug, Megan is determined to get to the bottom of it. The only question is, at what cost?
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Featured Book + GIVEAWAY – Engaged in Danger: A Jamie Quinn Mystery by Barbara Venkataraman


Engaged in Danger: A Jamie Quinn Mystery (A Jamie Quinn Mystery #4)

by Barbara Venkataraman


Finally, life is good for reluctant family law attorney, Jamie Quinn–her father may get his visa soon, her boyfriend is the bomb, and her law practice is growing like crazy–but when she agrees to take on a high-profile divorce case, everything falls apart. What looked like an opportunity to work with her friend Grace and make some serious bucks has turned into a deadly game, one that could destroy their friendship and tear their town apart. Why couldn’t Jamie just leave well enough alone?

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Voices In The Wind by Judy Bruce


ebq4stReturning home for the funeral of her father’s law partner, Megan must decide if she will join her father’s law firm or take another job offer in Omaha. Her relationship with her father has always been strained, but this time Megan senses that something is amiss- could her father be keeping secrets from her?

Seeking comfort in the company of old friends and the calming solitude of the raw Nebraskan wilderness, Megan is haunted by mysterious voices she hears in the wind. Voices she has heard since her childhood days. And when a series of tragic events sends her life into a tailspin, she wonders if those voices could hold the key to the secrets that surround her family’s past. But will she be able to handle the truth once she finds it?
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