Voices In The Wind by Judy Bruce


ebq4stReturning home for the funeral of her father’s law partner, Megan must decide if she will join her father’s law firm or take another job offer in Omaha. Her relationship with her father has always been strained, but this time Megan senses that something is amiss- could her father be keeping secrets from her?

Seeking comfort in the company of old friends and the calming solitude of the raw Nebraskan wilderness, Megan is haunted by mysterious voices she hears in the wind. Voices she has heard since her childhood days. And when a series of tragic events sends her life into a tailspin, she wonders if those voices could hold the key to the secrets that surround her family’s past. But will she be able to handle the truth once she finds it?

Romance, mystery, family secrets and a rich cast of characters with troubled pasts- Voices In The Wind is a remarkable tale with something for everyone. Judy Bruce sets her story on the windswept prairie of her home state of Nebraska, painting a vivid picture of the ragged Great Plains that sticks with the reader long after they turn the final page. In the story, heroine Megan Docket is at a crossroads in her life. Fresh out of law school, she must decide where her future belongs -where she belongs- and it soon becomes clear that this raw and wild place is as much a part of her as the dark secrets of the past she struggles to unveil. Throughout the story we witness a transformation of Megan, who must learn to let go of her bitterness and forgive those who have hurt her the most. A story of loss, heartache, and ultimately forgiveness, Voices In The Wind is a great book for fans of human drama and hauntingly beautiful landscapes.

Rating:4 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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About the author Judy Bruce

Judy Bruce is a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A., she lives with her husband and two children. She has a law degree from Creighton University. Judy is the author of Death Steppe, a World War II novel. She maintains a website at judybruce.com and a blog at heyjoood.com.


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