Featured Book: Of Faith and Freedom by Joe Gilbert

29060424Of Faith and Freedom: How Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness Hijacked America and How to Take It Back!

by Joe Gilbert

Cultural Marxism has been a powerful force in American culture for almost a century, shaping institutions such as school, family, and government. In the 1920s and during World War II, socialist ideas that originated at the Frankfurt School, also known as the Institute for Social Research, began to seep into the social fabric of the US.

As the cultural Marxist movement gained power, the reach of the federal government expanded, and the basic value of each individual citizen was diminished. The role of the Judeo-Christian belief system, which emphasizes absolute truth and the dignity of the individual, has been ignored-with disastrous consequences.

Using the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights, author Joe Gilbert lays out the relationship God intended family, government, and individuals to have with each other and guides readers to a renewed hope and vision of American ideals shaped by objective biblical truth.

Fans of Glenn Beck and Mark Levin will find Of Faith and Freedom a useful companion in the fight against the malevolent social forces that have so negatively influenced America.

To purchase your own copy of this book on Amazon, buy HERE.

What readers are saying…


“Joe Gilbert’s Of Faith and Freedom is a wake-up call! This book will educate you, startle you, disturb you, inform, advise, and motivate you. It will re-ignite your faith in God, your hope for this nation and the future of our children and grandchildren.” 5 Star Amazon Review

“This is a great introduction to the state of affairs in America today for someone who is just now “waking up”. […] If you or someone you know has questions about how we got to this point, and what can be done on a personal level to set things back on the right path, give this book a read. ” — 5 Star Amazon Review

“This book has the potential to broaden the perspective of our youth and consider the fundamental values we as Americans once practiced universally. ” — 5 Star Amazon Review

[Of Faith and Freedom] provokes thought and stimulates opinion rather than telling you what to think. […] A must read. — 5 Star Amazon Review


About the author…Joe Gilbert

Joe Gilbert served as a US Army military intelligence officer for twenty-four years with three combat tours in Iraq as a company commander and intelligence trainer with the Iraqi Army. He was also a county director of emergency services.

Dedicated to the renewal of the values that shaped America, Gilbert is the founder of the Patriot Institute and is an ordained Christian minister. He is the father of three sons, one daughter, and two stepdaughters.

You can learn more by visiting http://www.patriotinstitute.org/

To purchase your own copy of Of Faith and Freedom on Amazon, buy HERE.

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