Featured Book: Golden Boy Bailey by Erin Frew


Golden Boy Bailey

by Erin Frew 


Bailey Boy has it all! He has spirit, charm and he knows how to have fun. Bailey loves going on adventures. So when Sable awakens him early one morning Bailey is quick to get up and see what excitement the day has to bring. And the result is pure perfection.

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What readers are saying…

“I loved this book. The story is really fun, and the illustrations are simply wonderful.” – 5-star Amazon review

“It’s colorful and fun, brilliant and playful about a dog’s friendship.[…] I would recommend this book to any parent and look forward to seeing more in the future from Erin Frew.” – 5-star Amazon review

” I would recommend this book for your kids. It’s such a fun story that you can read to them night after night.” – 5-star Amazon review

“I wanted to find a book I could read to my grandchildren. Since receiving this book they have asked me to read it to them every night.[…] The story has a great message about friendship and making everyday count. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has young children. “ – 5-star Amazon review

About the author…Erin Frew

Erin Frew was born in Alton, Illinois. While growing up, her home was an animal-loving household with cats, turtles, birds and hamsters but never a dog. Once she started college the first thing she did was adopt Bailey, a Golden Retriever, who quickly became her best friend. Erin has three siblings who also adopted dogs. Golden Boy Bailey is based on the adventures of these four dogs and the love they shared.

After graduating from Eastern Illinois University Erin worked in the health and fitness industry. She then moved to Santa Monica, California where she worked for an inventing firm designing children’s toys. Erin has a passion for art, fashion, travel, and design. She lives with her husband John and three children, Vivienne, Jack and Oliver.

You can purchase your own copy of Golden Boy Bailey on Amazon by clicking HERE



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