Featured Book: Trial of Injustice by T.K. Ware

30167789Trial of Injustice

by T.K. Ware


On a Thursday morning in Banker, Alabama the body of a twenty-one year-old woman was discovered murdered. After the police and forensics inspected, with the help of eyewitnesses and fingerprints, the man responsible for the heinous crime was identified as Pastor Thaddeus Ganvis.

Charles ‘Esquire’ Everson, a man gifted with determination and an avenger of truth, became the most prestigious and sought after lawyer in the state of Alabama, due to his unwavering litigation skills. After finishing another victorious case, he returned to his office. As the day continued, he found himself logging into Facebook, and nearly dropped his phone when he discovered that his former pastor was arrested for first-degree murder.

Without a second thought, he flew to Banker, Alabama to prove the innocence of a godly man. Along the way he discovers the opposition that threatens.

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What readers are saying

“The action-packed ending made it hard to put down the book. I will be recommending this for any who enjoy good clean lawyer books.” – 4 star Amazon review

I always enjoy T. K.’s books. He has a Christian influence without having it read like Bible verse after verse. It sounds like real people talking, like conversations I have had with friends. I like that. I relate to the characters, and their struggles. Get comfortable with this book and enjoy!– 4 star Goodreads review


About the authorT.K. Ware

Tshombye Kentrell Ware, raised in Albany, Ga. A young man endowed with creativity, moved to the city of Macon Georgia, to continue his education. Upon graduation from high school, the creativity emerged. This led to the creation of a Christian CD entitled “L.O.C” The Love of Christ. A few years afterwards, TK turned down an athletic scholarship to a school in Kansas and chose to continue his education at a junior college in the state of Alabama. While obtaining studies at the local college in Andalusia, TK became drawn to particular classes that promoted his creativity. These included Psychology, English, and History courses just to name a few. As the years progressed, so did his creativity, which led to his inspired creations through writing, motivational speaking, poetry, and acting.

An author of several poetic inspirations, fiction, and non fiction books, whereas several made it to the best selling list. T.K.Ware was also an actor in the musical Christian film, “Writing Christmas Cool.”

“If something I write or have written can help someone make it through the day, then my writing is with purpose.”

Learn more by following the author at:

Instagram & Twitter: @Gospelwriter8

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