Featured Book: Promises by Ardyce Durham



About the book:

Promises chronicles the lives of two boys who are the same age and grow up together. They are more than friends. They are buddies, constant companions, confidants, and accessories in everything they do.

They join the Confederate Army together in March of 1862 and engage in and survive some of the most catastrophic battles of the War Between the States.  On the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg their lives are forever changed.  One of them dies and the other one zigzags his way through another three-quarters of a century’s worth of joyous moments, heartbreaking tragedies, surprises, secrets, and the fulfillment of promises.

Promises is a historical novel inspired by the lives of the author’s paternal great-grandfather and his best friend. So much of her great-grandfather’s life seems to have been shrouded in secrecy that his children and grandchildren knew very little about him.  

This book is the culmination of almost two years’ worth of extensive research into family history, life in the nineteenth-century south, and the participation of the 2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War.  Yarns handed down through several generations of ancestors and details garnered from interviews with numerous people who grew up in the northeast corner of Mississippi are also an integral part of the story.

All of the characters in Promises are fictional.  The author strives to put into words the spirit and strength of poor southerners who lived in rustic, agricultural surroundings during the century between 1840 and 1940.  Their lives were unbelievably difficult and demanding, yet they endured and flourished.  Today, most people could not survive the hardships they took for granted.

In an effort to capture that backwoods environment, the author integrated realistic dialogue and mannerisms throughout the book.  “Starting with the first sentence, I want my readers to be drawn into the saga and become emotionally connected to the uniqueness of its personalities, their circumstances, and their surroundings.  Without the use of their inherent vernacular, I believe that connection would not be possible.”

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What readers are saying…

– Dennis De Rose (Amazon Reviewer) 5 Star Review

“this book had me at attention from the first page … What a joy it was to etch every last word into my mind and vision. It is one book I will be sharing with my children and other family members and friends.”

– Jesse (Goodreads Review) 5 Star Rating

“This is an amazing fiction novel … I truly recommend this book to all who like a realistic, true history of the times and the survivors.”

– Joan Adamak (Goodreads Review) 5 Star Rating

“I was deeply touched by the real emotions portrayed in this story. It was told believably and very realistically. The characters were deftly drawn and made me wish I had known them in real life.”

– Kristi Richardson (Goodreads Review) 5 Star Rating

“Promises by Ardyce Durham, a Riveting Piece of American History Depicting a Friendship that Lasts Almost 100 years!”

About the author…Ardyce Durham

Ardyce Durham lives in South Texas and is retired after spending many years of her life in several diverse careers.  She was an educator for over thirty years and then became a “professional tourist,” driving a tractor/trailer rig for almost two years throughout the contiguous United States and parts of Canada.  Later, she spent time as an “educational liaison,” working with teenagers who had been released from the juvenile justice system and were in need of some Tender Loving Care for their educational well-being.  Somewhere in there, she worked part-time at a plant nursery, earning minimum wage and loving every minute of it.

Even though she’s supposed to be retired, she stays busy as a “shade tree” carpenter, plumber, electrician, and project manager around the house.  When someone asks her if she’s retired, she says, “Not really.  I’m self-employed.”

Several years ago Ardyce awarded herself a doctorate in “Yard Care and Home Repair” and spends a lot of her time working on her ninety-year-old home and keeping the yard looking like someone lives there who cares about the way the place looks.  She has two acres, about half of which is littered with mesquite trees.  She refers to that area as ‘Durham’s National Forest.’  

She is a widow with three children, three grandchildren, six dogs, and a cat.

Click HERE for more about the author and her book, and don’t forget to connect with Ardyce Durham on Goodreads!

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2 thoughts on “Featured Book: Promises by Ardyce Durham

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  2. This historical novel sounds absolutely intriguing! It reminds me of my own Civil War saga. My book(s) was also based on true characters (although not related to me) and incidents. And I did a “whole heap” of research myself to insure accuracy. Looking forward to reading PROMISES–thanks for featuring it, Johanna!

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