Featured Book: Helicopter Mom by Bethany Douglas

We’ve all heard the term ‘helicopter mom’- parents who ‘hover’ over their children in an attempt to keep them happy, safe, healthy, and alive. They hover because they fear. Helicopter Mom directly addresses the real life terror that all parents face with fearing for their children. Specifically designed for mothers, it gives a Christian, Biblical perspective on how to overcome these fears from the unique point of view of a helicopter flight nurse and mom who has vast experience in ‘hovering’. It takes lessons learned over my years as a flight nurse and puts them into practical, every day, Christian applications. There are anecdotes, stories, aviation information, and more that all knit together to bring about Biblical lessons and encouragement that all parents can easily relate to. Each chapter takes helicopter and EMS/nursing stories and knits them into an ongoing narrative that slowly paints a full picture of how to overcome fear. It is a sassy, funny, in-your-face, yet spiritually grounded journey that will have people laughing and learning spiritual truths all at the same time. This is a totally different approach to ‘self-help’ books, strap in and get ready to lift!

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Shout-Outs for Helicopter Mom:

“You are a gifted writer–beyond the mechanics of writing…to the intangibles that separate writers from those who write: sense of timing, wit (there were some real laugh-out loud moments, which is rare for books of this type—i.e., a book on fear), appropriate self-disclosure, which I found both bold and endearing; it will serve to draw readers in and has the literary effect of reaching out and taking someone by the hand or a gentle pat on the back that says, ‘We’re gonna be OK.’” -Scott Stewart of  Care Point Ministries

“I. Love. This. Book. Seriously. I’m not even a mama (yet) and it spoke to me in a million ways. I got a little taste of the mom life as a nanny this summer, and even from those six weeks, I related to a lot of this book. That may sound kind of silly, and maybe it is, but it’s genuinely how I felt. The scripture you chose to incorporate is powerful, fierce, and true. Your tone towards the reader is friendly, welcoming, and genuine. You skip right past tough love into truth and conviction, pointing right back at our sweet Jesus instead of to yourself. That’s INCREDIBLE, and something many Christian authors fail to remember to do.” -Madeline, MI

“Just finished your book and I loved it!!! I love how you compare our mommyhood to your profession throughout all the chapters. I learned quite a bit about being a part of a rescue helicopter team, and let me tell you…I admire you and applaud you for your work. Thank you for delving into a topic that us mamas need to face….the fear we have for our children. I have lived with this fear since the birth of my first child 30 years ago, actually since the pregnancy of that child. I am a worry-wart by nature, so being a mom has given me the opportunity to compound that into something tremendous. I love what you said in Chapter 5…”Often we do not even realize the state of grime we are in because we see it as justified protection of our children.” I have been grimy for too long. Thank you for walking through the process of overcoming those fears!!!” -Betty Predmore, Mom-Sense founder, Director of Women of Virture Empowerment Network (WOVEN)
“Read chapter seven today about HAZMAT situations. It just keeps getting better and better! Truly anointed writing!” -Andi, IA

“I’m not a mama but I got soooo much from this book. I found it to be truly amazing and exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Thank you so much for sharing it.” -Amber, MO
“Just finished the book! Very good throughout! I love how you can use the analogy of being a helicopter mom to being, well, a “helicopter mom”. You did a great job of outlining your job and explaining things that can be useful to anyone in their walk with Christ. I would imagine that someone with anxiety issues could find it quite helpful, even if they weren’t a mom. Very impressed & looking forward to future ones!” -Kelly, MI

About the author

A little about Bethany-

~Seeking for GodStuff in the everyday~

Helicopter Mom is Bethany’s inaugural non-fiction book. By day she is a full-time flight nurse and mom, by night a writer.

Bethany is married to her best friend, Gabe; they are parents of 3 beautiful kids, 2 little boys and a baby daughter with some designer genes. Her family lives in southwest Missouri where they homeschool their kids. They spend their summers working as a family at Camp Barnabas where Bethany serves as the medical director. Their family is active in their local church where she heads up the children’s ministry.

Her mission in life is by showing her scars and teaching the lessons she has learned, she can enable and empower people everywhere to walk boldly, intentionally, fearlessly, and truthfully with God in their daily lives. She uses her vulnerability to encourage others to live more fully under His wings.

~Find out more at www.bethanyldouglas.com~

You can purchase your own copy of Helicopter Mom HERE

One thought on “Featured Book: Helicopter Mom by Bethany Douglas

  1. Very nice. I’ve heard the term “helicopter mom” but this book makes one realize how widespread this fear is. Being a flight nurse, I’m sure the author’s experiences makes her highly qualified to bring this subject to the public’s attention. Well done! 🙂

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